What is the purpose of life?

In search of an answer to the question “what is the purpose of life,” this article may have been about the significance of life in general.

What is the purpose of life

Google what is the purpose of life?

If you google “What is the purpose of life” you may find the top answer to come from Wikipedia – but this focuses on the meaning of life:

The article highlights that “different people and cultures believe different things for the answer to this question”

According to Wikipedia –

“The meaning of life as we perceive it is derived from philosophical and religious contemplation of, and scientific inquiries about  – “things” . . .

In my personal search for an answer to the purpose of life I read many religious, scientific and political books; I studied philosophy and spiritualism and I talked and listened to as many people as I could, including many from ‘you tube’; I even wrote an initial and unpublished book on my conclsions.

A common factor in all my findings was that the perspective provided was not a full one, it was quite often a personel perspective that was then adopted by other people, who preferred to agree with it rather than concern themselves with a more personal and deeper reasoning.

The scientific books and insights deal with the previous and current science of how we were created, and openly admit that they disagree with previous scientists because new science has proved otherwise – and so it will continue.

Another common factor, which included philosophical, religious and scientific inquiries was that most concerned themselves with the how and what in terms of creation, they did not answer the why – why were we created? If they did touch on this it was either an ambiguous answer that lent itself to misunderstanding or misinterpretation, or it posed more questions than answers. Science is honest and clear and states it does not know the answer to why we were created and concerns itslef with the how and what – and I find this reassuring in its honesty and clarity.

Is our psyche is holding us back?

All of these inquiries about the purpose of life are from the psyche of man, and this is the problem. The psyche of man is limited by the perspective gained from our 5 main senses – and this relates to the facts of science more than the faith and ‘theory’ of religion and philosphy.

All conscious actions and all sub-conscious thoughts and dreams contribute to who we are AND WHAT WE THINK AND BELIEVE – INCLUDING WHAT WE CONSIDER TO BE “THE PURPOSE OF LIFE”.

What we do and how we behave are underpinned by our beliefs of WHY we do it, and  this is all linked to our “psyche”.

95% of all these considerations are generated from our psyche; which is a combination of everything we have experienced with our 5 senses, and the “emotional frequency”  of our community.

Inner Purpose?!

We have all experienced that 5% of doubt, that inner-self that sometimes gives us a reason to ‘re-consider’ – it may provide us with strength or a flicker of hope – that “inner purpose or intuition”. It can make us do something incredibly great or incredibly strange or act out of character – that 5% (the exact amount does not matter) is what makes us UNIQUE, and more significantly, it is based on a knowing or a ‘feeling’ from beyond our psyche – it is what I call “JUICE – The Elixir of Life” – it is what makes you UNIQUE and different from everyone else – it is THE ACTION YOU TAKE AFTER HAVING THE INSIGHT.

I would like you to think a little deeper about what is coming next:

What if this inner-self, this inner purpose, this thing that seems to know you better than you know yourself, this thing that seems to guide you at times of importance – what if this thing was in fact the true you – and is not based on your psyche, your lifes experiences!?

Think about this for a moment . . .

The Ultimate Purpose Of Life

We have already recognised that “THE TRUE YOU”  is almost hidden or buried and perhaps only represents 5% of what you do and why you do things – WELL, THIS IS PROBABLY TRUE AND THIS IS WHAT I WANT YOU TO THINK ABOUT  – WHAT IF YOU ALLOWED IT TO BE MUCH MORE THAN THE 5%?


What if you were brave enough to do this?

What would your world look like – how much would change?

Perhaps, the biggest change would be in your own perspective rather than anything more noticeable. The biggest change might be the way you relate to yourself and to others and to the community and the environment. The biggest change might initially involve you asking many more questions, such as what is “The Ultimate Purpose of Life” and recognising that perhaps most of the “solutions suggested by others” are not totallt true, perhaps that DO NOT PROVIDE THE FULL PERSPECTIVE?!

In order to correctly answer the question – “What is the purpose of life?” We must be capable of GAINING THE FULL PERSPECTIVE – THE TRUTH!

The truth – the full perspective is available to everyone.

When you inner self communicates with you and you know how to listen then this is listening to the truth from beyond our psyche – when this happens it is called enlightenment.

The following text is copied directly from my book:

I have been enlightened and predict that in the future science will confirm the bulk of what I am about to say.

 Science is on the verge of discovering, accepting and confirming that ‘thing’ people refer to as –

LEGSLove / Energy / God / Spirit & Soul.

Some refer to it as consciousness, however, I distinguish consciousness as being something that is generated from our mind and thoughts, as opposed to enlightenment being generated from beyond our mind and thoughts, fromLEGS‘.

This distinction is radically different from most scientific, spiritual or religious books!

Let me clarify exactly what I mean by this.

“Whilst you are fully awake, if you can remove all thoughts and simply ‘be’, then you may receive some enlightenment from LEGS on aspects that your conscious knowledge could not comprehend. I have received such enlightenment with regard to why we feel and behave like we do, and why we do things – not how we do things. (It is important for science to prove ‘how’ – as this is part of our “seeing is believing mentality”).

I have received enlightenment on why physical creation exists. This knowing explains how our SOUL, and those other things that our senses and science cannot yet quantify, such as LOVE and GOD / SPIRIT are all present at our core. But this knowing also included ENERGY, which is something science does know about.

I believe that science will use this link to ENERGY, and in the future be able to explain the relationship  between LOVE / ENERGY / GOD / SPIRIT & SOUL” – to me this is simply a matter of time and awareness and perspective.

This enlightenment is like science itself, once you can tune in to the frequency you can access more and more – like getting to the top of higher and higher mountains, the view is bigger and so is the perspective.”

I do not receive enlightenment all the time, indeed, even finding the time to try and receive it is very difficult, nonetheless, I do make an effort. I do know that my ability to ‘consciously‘ consider LEGS has itself improved, and I believe that once you have received enlightenment your intellectual reasoning and understanding improves – I think this is because you can see and understand the misgivings and misunderstanding of others, even though they are often well meant. Enlightenment actually improves your consciousness and makes you more mindful of situations, others and yourself. It is possible you are only enlightened as to what you are ready to receive?!

Marcus Pearson

Since writing this book, I have been enlightened many more times.

I now know that meditating is not the route to enlightenment, it may help you receive the insights, but they will only be given when you tune in your actions to what you already know to be the truth. If you want to receive higher levels of enlightenment then you first have to action and be what you already know – and this is VERY DIFFICULT TO DO, especially when faced with so much against you.

Is any of this worth following up – is enlightenment worth all the hassle?

Are you worth it?

Are your family and friends worth it?

Is anybody worth it?

If wanting the best, and only accepting the honest truth as the best – if this is worth it  – then yes enlightenment is worth it!

What is the purpose of life – it is enlightenment!

It may take mankind hundreds of thousands of years to reach a stage of evolution where we are all living as enlightened beings, but what if we can achieve it NOW – what if you made the effort – why don’t you join me and start taking action to achieve it.

If you are not really bothered about things, and live life on ‘auto pilot’; or perhaps you are bothered but have ‘negative energy’ holding you back, then enlightenment would greatly benefit you, however, you are unlikely to receive any insights as your emotional frequency is too low to tune in, and you are unlickely to believe it is worthwhile.

Once you find your JUICE – The Elixir of Life, once you get that inner spark motivating you to explore the bigger picture, then and only then will you be nearer the starting point of the journey of enlightenment.

What can I do to help anyone?

I can listen and I am prepared to talk and discuss as deep as you are prepared to go – I can go a long way – but I am still learning myself and I am openly seeking and asking for enlightened people to contact me and support my own journey.

I provide a range of therapies including EFT / Emotional Freedom Therapy; as I believe it is a very effective way of releasing negative energy. I do this to try and enable people to be more positive and to be in a starting position for a journey of enlightenment.

Negative energy will hold you back and this is why I provide this service – you need to start from a base of positive energy!

Who am I and is this information for you?

“What is the purpose of life” was a question I have been asking myslef since I was thirty, however, it took me another 20 years years to free myself of all the negative energy that had built up and been stored in my conscious and sub-conscious mind.

I am now an enlightened person with almost everything I need in life – and yes, I feel I know the answer to the question.

My purpose is to further my own levels of enlightenment and to try and support others on their journey of enlightenment.

My aim is to be around enlightened people and to try and develop an enlightened family and community.

In pursuit of this I have re-structured my whole life so that what I do mirrors what I am.

I provide a range of programs and products and services that help people find and use thier own JUICE – The Elixir of Life – I help people “Get to the Top” of the emotional spiral. The name of the organisation that manages all that I provide is “Get to the Top” – www.gettothetop.co.uk

Regardless of who you are – any individual or group conversations or ‘sessions’ we have will be completely confidential. I do not relate anything to anyone else and it is up to you if you want to keep any meetings personal or thank me via social media etc, but I will never discuss or comment on anything in written form or verbally – I mention this because many people, especially men do want others to know they have any negative energy, and let’s be honest, it has nothing to do with anyone else!

I focus on the positive . . .

I am flexible and suggest in all instances contacting me in person is the best option – Ring  +44 7931 326 164 for a confidential and FREE chat.

Marcus Pearson

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