The Ultimate Purpose of Life is (long version)


What is The Ultimate Purpose of Life?

The Ultimate Purpose

The Long Winded Answer (but worth reading):

The Ultimate Purpose of Life is finding out who you really are!


Once you have TRULY FOUND THE REAL YOU then you should start to live as this person and gain perspective of what this feels like.

You are a UNIQUE individual and The Ultimate Purpose of Life is to find the true person that is hidden behind everything false you have become.

The Ultimate Purpose of Life is to interact as the true you with other true and pure individuals.

The Ultimate Purpose is for communities to be true and pure and for everyone to gain perspective of living in this way.

An enlightened person would find it VERY DIFFICULT to be their true self in any environment that wasn’t enhancing everthing around it. An enlightened person would not seek to prosper by misleading others or by hiding any negative aspects, moreover, an enlightened person would seek to enhance the life and ‘being’ of all other people as much as possible.

This has to be balanced with the real world, and this is not mentioned as an excuse, but as recognition that it is a practical difficulty that often makes enlightened people appear awkward or non conformist.

This ‘awkward or non-conformist’ situation only exists when an enlightened person is surrounded by non enlightend people (currently about 99% of  the population) – if they were surrounded by, or at least working with another enlightened person than the situation would not be awkward on non-conformist it would be balanced because the enlightened people would find a way to ensure everyone benefitted.

Marcus Pearson

We are unlikely to become “the greatest version of ourselves until all those around us are the greatest version of themselves; I feel this makes sense because it is only by experiencing this harmony that we would be in a position to recieve greater levels of enlightenment.

What is enlightenment?

Enlightenment is a gift of insight – it is true perspective!

It is a “knowing” that will be given to you when you are capable of being in a “state of not thinking”.

enlightenment is one way

It is only when you are in this state that you may find The Ultimate Purpose of Life; you must be  free from your psyche, because your pysche is based on your lifes experiences, and the beliefs and impositions of those who lived before you  – and you must AVOID THESE EXPERIENCES AND THOUGHTS BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT INSIGHTS WITH A FULL PERSPECTIVE.

Quite possibly, the initial insights that will be given to you with enlightenment will be limited – they will not provide you with “The Ultimate Purpose of Life“, however, they will still be “insights of knowing at a level far beyond anything you have ever experienced before from education or life experiences”.

You may be very well educated, or be intellectual or intelligent, you may have found ‘perceived success’ within a vocational or business sector – you may ‘perceive that this success means you know what the purpose of life is all about” – but oops, read on as this will not provide you with The Ultimate Purpose of Life.

Enlightenment is provided in tune with our ’emotional energy frequency’ – it is not provided to us because we are financially successful or feel good about what we do; it operates on a spiral of emotional energy stages.

Our emotional and spiritual development is simply a frequency of energy that circulates around a spiral and, the higher up the spiral we are (by what we do and how we do it on an emotional level) then the greater the perspective from enlightenment.

What I mean by this, or what I feel I should clarify, is that enlightement in terms of the “knowing” is useless UNLESS you take action and become what you know to be the truth –

It is only by being an enlightened person that you know what enlightenement is!

the purpose of life

All conscious actions and all sub-conscious thoughts and dreams contribute to who we are. What we do and how we do it are underpinned by WHY we do it – this is all linked to our “psyche”.

95% of all these considerations are generated from our psyche; which is a combination of everything we have experienced with our 5 senses, and the “emotional frequency”  of our community.

Inner Purpose?!

We have all experienced that 5% of doubt, that inner-self that sometimes gives us strength or a flicker of hope – that “inner purpose”. It can make us do something incredibly great or incredibly strange or act out of character – that 5% (the exact amount does not matter) is what makes us UNIQUE – it is what I call “JUICE – The Elixir of Life” – it is what makes you UNIQUE and different from everyone else – it is THE ACTION YOU TAKE AFTER HAVING THE INSIGHT.

I would like you to think a little deeper about what is coming next:

What if this inner-self, this inner purpose, this thing that seems to know you better than you know yourself, this thing that seems to guide you at times of importance – what if this thing was in fact the true you.

Think about this for a moment . . .

The Ultimate Purpose Of Life


What if you were brave enough to do this?

What would your world look like – how much would change?

Or perhaps, the biggest change would be in your own perspective rather than anything more noticeable. The biggest change might be the way you relate to yourself and to others and to the community and the environment. The biggest change might initially involve you asking many more questions, such as what is “The Ultimate Purpose of Life” and recognising that perhaps most of the “solutions suggested by others” are wrong?!

The Ultimate Purpose of Life?

You may benefit from taking some time out to think about it:

Taking time out on your own and going to a place of solitude, preferably outside, and thinking about The Ultimate Purpose of Life and how and why things are done is an important consideration. Try and focus and try and gain some clarity on why you were created and what you would like people to say about you when you are not with them anymore. Then consider what you actually do to influence or be that person, and what you could do or be to become the greatest version of yourself.

Maybe nobody has provided this clarity of opportunity, perhaps you have never given this any thought, because you were too busy with what you and everybody else thinks is important – what if you slowed down or even stopped for a moment and gave this some thought – why don’t you stop reading right now and think about the real you.

There is a BIG REASON why you should do this . . .

The Ultimate Purpose

This inner self IS YOU – it is the only thing that makes you UNIQUE – and we know this is the truth because it just feels true – it is the only thing we really know to be the truth!

Enlightenment is when this inner self communicates with you clearly.

Enlightenment is the true you trying to help you be you.

My book “The Ultimate Purpose” explains the deep insights that personal enlightenment had given me up to the point of finishing the book – (I have clarified this, because I have had more insights since I published it). The book provides guidance on how and why you would benefit from personal enlightenment and it explains how you can get on the right path to receive it.

Imagine if you could receive insights from your true self on a BIG SCALE. Imagine if enlightenment could clarify to you who you really are and explained to you WHY YOU WERE CREATED, AND WHAT THE ULTIMATE PURPOSE OF YOUR LIFE IS – imagine how this awareness might impact on everything you do.

I have been enlightened many times over the past 5 years and it has changed my life and changed my whole perspective – I HAVE A VERY CLEAR PURPOSE AND NOW TRY TO LIVE AND BEHAVE AS THE TRUE ME.

Most of my life has been spent listening to my psyche and to the psyche of other people – because this is what we are brought up believing we should do. I now know the truth and know The Ultimate Purpose of Life – and it contradicts almost everything I have lived my life believing and doing; and I now urge everyone to find out the truth for themselves, becasue it is the only way you will know what the truth is, and you will then believe it and take action – and that is why my book, and almost everything I do and say will not tell you what to do – because you must find out yourself.

Can you imagine how it must feel not to have any doubt or not need to question why you do anything. Imagine how it must feel to have that calmness and strength of purpose and clarity about almost anything. I can tell you if feels amazing, however, we live in a real world where most people don’t feel like this, and the hardest part is trying to live a new life amongst others in the conventional ‘auto-pilot’ modern world.

I want and need more people to be on a similar wavelength of understanding and ‘being’, to share this enlightenment and awareness with – that is why my book is an invitation for you to join me – I am reaching out to you RIGHT NOW to read this book and to offer my support. I want to inspire and be inspired.

Marcus Pearson

My Book – “The Ultimate Purpose”:

The following flip image provides an introduction explaining what this book is about.

  • Author’s supportive notes: This is a short book with a clear intention - to invite you to gain enlightenment and find your JUICE - THE ELIXIR OF LIFE. Without enlightenment you may understand the words and perceive their meaning, but you will not truly be aware or believe what you are reading. If we seek to gain awareness and enlightenment of life from purely a scientific and sensual awareness, then that is what we will get - a sensual awareness of

    the physical world. The Ultimate Purpose is a PARADOX in that if we want to know what it is, we have to know ourselves at the core, and in order to know this we have to explore and be enlightened from beyond our waking senses. We must receive awareness from where we believe it does not exist – you have to believe in the possibility of enlightenment before you can receive enlightenment – THIS IS WHY SO MANY PEOPLE DO NOT RECEIVE ENLIGHTENMENT. I believe this unexplained and unknown

    'entity' may be evidenced by science in the future, moreover, this book will explain why this is likely. Physical matter and spirituality may overlap . . . It is quite possible that our SOUL is created from physical matter. The tiny 'quarks and electrons' that science has discovered, have an ability to be a 'particle or wave'. They also emit a positive or up charge and a negative or down charge. These PARTICLES AND WAVES are the basis of ALL MATTER

    EVERYWHERE,  in every solar system anywhere - so, it is not inconceivable that such a 'physical creation' (and one that we don't yet fully understand) may lead scientists down the road to evidencing, accepting and quantifying that 'entity' we currently refer to as our SOUL. This is not what the book is about; this book is about gaining enlightenment from this unknown energy source, and using it to have a clear purpose in your life – this clarity is what I call ‘JUICE – The

    Elixir Of Life’. This book is an invitation for you to consider gaining enlightenment- "from scientists to spiritual swingers, religious diplomats and intellectual assassins - I invite you all to consider the implications from this book – come and get your own JUICE!"  

    Marcus Pearson The Ultimate Purpose

My enlightenment has also provided awareness as to what happens when your body dies – or from a different perspective, how you arrived in the first place. Rather than using words to describe something that our 5 senses cannot comprehend, I would like you to gain this personal enlightenment for yourself – and I believe with the support of my book you can.

“You will feel your inner awareness lifting up its head as it FINALLY senses that someone understands and is tuned in to why things are”.

This invitation is free from any spiritual, religious, scientific, political or other inferences, and unlike any other invitation, you will be your own master of thought and decision.

‘CARPE DIEM’- Sieze this moment to read the book, to share it with your family and friends and to use it as the stepping stone for THE GREATEST JOURNEY in your life. This book will empower you to become your own teacher. Nobody else can enlighten you – this book will clarify the journey.

When you gain enlightenment AND start to live in an enlightened way then you will have RE-DISCOVERED YOUR OWN –


If you are reading this then you know it is a journey you must take – “Because you’re worth it”  . . .

Because this is about you and not about me . . .

I have written this for you, not to promote me!

No amount of reading, not even reading my books, will help you gain enlightenment.

My books have been written as a signpost for action, and I believe they will help you gain some needed perspective – however, only YOUR ACTION will allow you to start gaining insights and ultimatley ‘meaningful enlightenment’.

The following steps may help you on your journey of enlightenment:

Step 1: Widen your perspective on life and death and start thinking and talking with other people about the purpose of life.

You will soon realise that most people have not spent much time thinking about this subject and their responses are very predicatable and based on ‘conventional answers’ from their religious peers or from cultural apathy.

I would then prompt you to read my books and consider how much deeper the guidance is given – this comes from my personal enlightenment on the subject and from the action I have taken in changing my life to live the truth ‘as much as possible’.

Step 2: You must have positive mentors to support your physical change. By physical change, I mean with regard to any changes in what you do on a day to day basis, such as your actions, work, leisure and pleasure activities, socialising and eating and your health and fitness. If you seek to become the best you can be then this journey in itself will be VERY HARD to alter, but change is an essential development and necessity, because you must start living as the ‘true you’ and not the you that society has said you should be – and you comply to!

Step 3: Start to attend events or seek out people with similar insights to you, or even more radical views. Seek out those who are trying to journey on a similar path AND TALK TO THEM AND GAIN MORE PERSPECTIVE – LISTEN TO THEIR PERSPECTIVE – ESPECIALLY IF IT IS DIFFERENT – SEEK OUT THOSE THAT DISAGREE, BUT SEEK DETAIL – do not suffer fools – you will know what I mean when you listen to them.

Accept that most people only have their own perspective – and this is good as it helps with the bigger picture, however, a few people have taken on board greater perspective and may have even been enlightened at a higher level. YOU MUST SEEK THEM OUT AND LISTEN TO THEM – COMMUNICATE WITH THEM AND SHARE YOUR INSIGHTS AND FEELINGS – LEARN TO SHARE THE TRUTH – listen and learn and seek to be inspired and inspire others.

Step 4: Is beyond this article – if you are reading this and feel you are already at this stage – or even beyond it – then please contact me, as I am at this stage myself – Contact Marcus Pearson – +44 7931 326 164 – I will listen to you – I WANT TO INSPIRE AND BE INSPIRED!!

Is any of this worth following up – is enlightenment worth all the hassle?

Are you worth it?

Are your family and friends worth it?

Is anybody worth it?

If wanting the best, and only accepting the honest truth as the best – if this is worth it  – then yes enlightenment is worth it!!

If you are not really bothered about things, and live life on ‘auto pilot’ – then enlightenment would benefit you, however, you are unlikely to receive any insights as your frequency is probably too low on the emotional frequency. Once you find your JUICE – The Elixir of Life, once you get that inner spark motivating you to explore the bigger picture, then and only then will you be nearer the starting point of the journey of enlightenment.

What can I do to help anyone?

I can listen and I am prepared to talk and discuss as deep as you are prepared to go – I can go a long way – but I am still learning myself and I am openly seeking and asking for enlightened people to contact me and support my own journey.

I provide a range of therapies including EFT / Emotional Freedom Therapy; as I believe it is a very effective way of releasing negative energy. I do this to try and enable people to be more positive and to be in a starting position for a journey of enlightenment.

Negative energy will hold you back and this is why I provide this service – you need to start from a base of positive energy!

Who am I and is this information for you?

It took me almost 50 years years to free myself of all the negative energy that had built up and been stored in my conscious and sub-conscious mind.

I am now an enlightened person with almost everything I need in life.

My purpose is to further my own levels of enlightenment and to try and support others on their journey of enlightenment.

My aim is to be around enlightened people and to try and develop an enlightened family and community.

In pursuit of this I have re-structured my whole life so that what I do mirrors what I am.

I provide a range of programs and products and services that help people find and use thier own JUICE – The Elixir of Life – I help people “Get to the Top” of the emotional spiral. The name of the organisation that manages all that I provide is “Get to the Top” –

Regardless of who you are – any individual or group conversations or ‘sessions’ we have will be completely confidential. I do not relate anything to anyone else and it is up to you if you want to keep any meetings personal or thank me via social media etc, but I will never discuss or comment on anything in written form or verbally – I mention this because many people, especially men do want others to know they have any negative energy, and let’s be honest, it has nothing to do with anyone else!

I focus on the positive . . .

I am flexible and suggest in all instances contacting me in person is the best option – Ring  +44 7931 326 164 for a confidential and FREE chat.

Marcus Pearson

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