The truth, the full perspective

The starting point for gaining the truth, the full perspective, is to free yourself of negative energy. This will allow positive tuning and enlightenement.

You should consider gaining the truth, the full perspective because you’re worth it!

Consider becoming the greatest version of yourself by living as an enlightened being.

The truth, the full perspective

The truth, the full perspective is available to you and the starting point is within your grasp and IT IS FREE.

The inner self IS THE TRUE YOU – it is the only thing that makes you UNIQUE.

When this inner self communicates with you clearly it is called enlightenment.

Enlightenment is the true you trying to help you be you.

If you would like the truth, the full perspective then it is available to you providing you are prepared to take action.

Even if you have not received enlightenment then you may start the journey towards the truth BY TAKING THE RIGHT ACTION. The further you venture down the right path then the more positive perspective you will gain and this will help you with your own positive feelings and emotions.

Be prepared to confront the negative aspects of what you do and of what is around you.

Be prepared to expose the negative energy in order to free yourself from it.

The younger you are then the greater the opportunity you have in gaining higher levels of enlightenment, however, if you venture down the wrong path then you may be creating negative energy that will block, delay and may even stop you ever gaining the truth and the full perspective and that would be a shame.

Who am I and is this information for you?

It took me almost 50 years years to free myself of all the negative energy that had built up and been stored in my conscious and sub-conscious mind.

I am now an enlightened person with almost everything I need in life.

My purpose is to further my own levels of enlightenment and to try and support others on their journey of enlightenment.

My aim is to be around enlightened people and to try and develop an enlightened family and community.

In pursuit of this I have re-structured my whole life so that what I do mirrors what I am.

I provide a range of programs and products and services that help people find and use thier own JUICE – The Elixir of Life – I help people “Get to the Top” of the emotional spiral. The name of the organisation that manages all that I provide is “Get to the Top” –

Regardless of who you are – any individual or group conversations or ‘sessions’ we have will be completely confidential. I do not relate anything to anyone else and it is up to you if you want to keep any meetings personal or thank me via social media etc, but I will never discuss or comment on anything in written form or verbally – I mention this because many people, especially men do want others to know they have any negative energy, and let’s be honest, it has nothing to do with anyone else!

I focus on the positive . . .

I am flexible and suggest in all instances contacting me in person is the best option – Ring  +44 7931 326 164 for a confidential and FREE chat.

Marcus Pearson

Updated: July 30, 2017 — 8:47 am
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