Thrive Inititiatives

Thrive – A personal definition:

To thrive is to prosper, to succeed, to grow, to flourish and to develop vigorously – with the truth!

When you know the truth you act in a truthful manner, and this involves being supportive of others and ensuring that other people get the best!

My ultimate goal is to help as many people gain personal enlightenment so they can than know the truth for themselves and then, and perhaps only then, start on a ‘re-awakened journey to tune in to higher and stronger frequencies’.

This goal starts with simple initiatives that underpin the truth and the knowing of what is right!

Examples of Thrive Initiatives:

  • Superfoods4u – this is a venture set up to blend, market and distribute the most nutritionally dense whole food in the world. All the foods are organic and have the highest vibrational frequencies of any food in the world. Due to the foods being freeze dried they retain their nutritional value and frequency longer than any other type of food (other than organic whole food eaten as it is picked whilst growing). One 20g serving of the superfood SF1 provides 100% of all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids you need every day – and it tastes fantastic. It is almost sugar free and is Halal, Kosher, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Wheat Free, 100% organic, High in non-allergenic plant based protein, Suitable for Vegans, and has organic cocoa, thus providing a slightly chocolate taste. Subsequently it is more than your 3 meals a day and more than your 5 a day fruit and veg; in fact all other food you consume is for satiety (a desire to feel full) and for social enjoyment. It is perfect for any lifestyle choice from vegan and vegetarian through to Paleo and even Ketogenic. SF1 is also perfect for anyone wanting ‘CRON’ – Calorie Restriction with Optimal Nutrition. It is perfect for children, teenagers, adults and the elderly. It is perfect for weight loss or body building and perfect for performance based athletes or people suffering from a range of disorders. It is the ultimate brain food due to its high frequency it  will help you optimise the pineal gland (or third eye). It is only sold via registered distributors who have indicated they have a desire to help other people improve their health and fitness. (It is free to become a distributor – please contact Marcus for details.)

Marcus Pearson

Updated: September 19, 2017 — 9:00 pm
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