The secret to success in business is tuning in corrrectly.

In order to find the secret to success in business, you have to ‘tune in’ to the ‘frequency of success’  with a more holistic approach to Sales, Marketing and Digital Technology:

(Written by Marcus Pearson, head of SEO and Digital Marketing at ‘Get to the Top’).


The secret to success in business:

The secret to success in business,  and the most important factor in sales and marketing, is the ability to tune in at the right frequency for mutual benefit. Considerations also include:

  • The needs of the buyer.
  • What motivates the buyer to action.

Both sales and marketing require ‘mutual benefit’ for long term success. These factors must be geared to the ‘frequencies’ that people are using to tune in to what they want – when they want it and how they want it.

The ability to ‘tune in’ to the ‘frequency of success’ is essential in sales, marketing and digital technology. This article sheds some light on the various strategies that can be deployed to achieve success.


Holistic understanding:

The infographic above visually highlights the various frequencies that exist in life.

Business is a basic ‘BODY ENERGY LEVEL FREQUENCY’ – and the frequencies that operate at this level can be accessed by anyone and everyone.

Example: If we want a new job or want to win a new business contract, or want a new website, then we have to be on the same frequency as those wanting ‘what we can provide’ . . .

“If you are involved in any aspect of spirituality, then it is not a  coincidence you are reading this – we are meant to work together – follow your feelings and contact me . . .”

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When we provide a CV or provide a presentation, quotation, report or a website landing page, then basically we are trying to tune in to the same frequency as the provider. The provider helps us tune in by clarifying what qualifications, skills and experience they require, or by searching for specified keywords. We can get on their frequency by meeting these requirements – but this is just the start.

We then have to communicate on this frequency in order to get the job or win the contract. The provider may provide further ‘fine tuning tools’ to help everyone; this may be a test or an interview or both, it may even extend to a trial period of working – on a website it is a ‘CALL TO ACTION’.

Tuning in and maintaining the frequency becomes easier when both parties share mutual benefit. When you can provide more than the provider wants and they can obtain this for the same price, then you become of more value than someone else who can’t provide more – it’s that simple, providing the other person recognises it.

Additional factors also impact on the frequency, for example, if you know someone or have familiarity with their previous work, then this ‘fine tuning’ may be an added bonus. If you are recommended by someone who is also on the providers frequency, moreover, if this person is ‘perceived’ at a higher frequency than the provider, then this will create more energy for your personal frequency, and it is ENERGY THAT PROVIDES ACTION – IE THE DECISION.

Adopting a holistic approach to tuning in:

Content outreach is a familiar term in digital marketing, however, understanding how to produce quality content in an effective ‘story book’ manner, almost like a screenwriter; with the correct content presented to targeted people in the correct manner, is what aids the ‘tuning in process’ – especially when trying to reach people at the higher frequencies. Obtaining ‘link juice’ from high ranking digital marketing sites would be perfect for anyone wanting to increase their ‘Digital Energy’ on a higher frequency. Please continue reading, however, if you would like more awareness of ‘tuning in to higher frequencies’ and ‘spiral energy’ – then please click here.

Transparency is the key.

When you give yourself to something then you are giving your spirit rather than your physical pretentions. People are spirits living in a human form, so if you can connect with them on a spiritual level – at their core – then you will succeed. Spirits see through ‘agendas’ and ‘links’ and they also see transparency, this means they will sense when you are being honest and genuine and they will appreciate this – but are you prepared to give yourself to the cause – this is the key.



Practical application of this awareness starts here . . .

Mobile Tuning & Frequencies.

The #1 tuning device is the mobile phone, however, people are using various frequencies with this, and it is crucial that you know how to use it correctly for mutual benefit.

As an example of this, people connect their mobiles through 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi.

If Wi-Fi is not available, or poor, then communication is restricted to talking and texting. ‘Cold calling’ is not a popular route for developing a ‘mutually beneficial’ relationship, and its merits, or otherwise are not the focus of this article. Texting or SMS marketing is however, a much more popular ‘frequency’ and ‘may be mutually beneficial’.

Approx. 98% of SMS messages are opened within 5 seconds and the follow up to many calls to action are as high as 40%. These figures indicate that this is a frequency worth pursuing and this article provides insight on how to tune in.

Tuning in to SMS marketing frequencies:

Timing, relevance and availability are ‘fine tuning factors’ that can help you with this frequency.

Sending someone a text message before they start work in the morning could be a good time, however, sending them a message just before they have a lunch break would be even better. Sending someone a message after they have finished work may not be so good, as their energy levels may be depleted and there ‘receptors’ not positive. Similarly, responding to a ‘short code / keyword’ message by auto responder AND then following it up within 30 minutes may be very good for tuning in. Whereas, not sending an auto response and not replying the same day may be bad for tuning in.

Understanding how you can help someone and providing them with support that they can relate to is better than sending them timely information that has no benefit. It is like a well designed web page without a call to action – pointless!

Providing someone with the opportunity to obtain more information at a time that suits both of you, is much better than not being available in the future or not being considerate to their timescale.

All of these factors should be combined effectively so you can tune in to frequencies that require very little selling and are mutually beneficial.

SEO and SMS:

Using SMS marketing that includes links to landing pages that are optimised for targeted keywords will improve your CTR’s and aid SEO – this will help you tune it to the right frequency.

SMS marketing may be done using apps such as facebook Messenger or Whats App, or by using more professional apps such as Text2Group Pro. Once you start marketing to hundreds or thousands of people on a regular basis, then using professional systems such as those from text Local and freesmsmarketing, then you will become more cost effective, and the significance and impact on SEO will become more apparent. You can start to tune in to many people who are ALL ON THE SAME FREQUENCY.

Natural SEO Factors in 2016:

Increasing the number of clicks per page is one of the most significant factors to natural SEO in 2016. By satisfying one of Googles’ own tuning in receptors – CTR’S, you will be on the same frequency as google and this will lead to a higher position on the search engines.

  • One of the most effective and dynamic ways of achieving this is by writing ‘educational and informative’ articles THAT PROVIDE LINKS to targeted keyword optimised landing pages. Such educational posts may be used in newsletters and in editorial RSS feeds etc. These ‘pages’ can have canonincal links back to your main SEO Keyword page and this will inform google that the clicks gained from SMS and social media can be accredited to your main SEO page. It is also important to consider on page SEO for your social media pages themselves.

Displaying You Tube videos’ to Maximise Google Universal Search is another significant factor to natural SEO in 2016. The google receptors love You Tube and will reward you with higher SERP’S.

  • According to a recent report by Marketing Land, videos make for 62% of all Google searches universally. Furthermore, according to, videos get 50 times better organic page ranks in Google as against plain, static text results. More significantly, video searches garner 41% higher click-through rate as compared to plain, static text content, according to
  • The quality of your video is crucial for tuning in. Video’s of approx 2 – 4 mins duration will be easier to tune in to than longer video’s. People are also on a frequency that needs humour and some uniqueness (your individuality). The video must pamper to the needs of the buyer and motivate the buyer to action – if this can be achieved without selling the product or service, then it will appeal to the ‘higher frequency’ of the more intelligent customer – possibly the owner / manager of the company you wish to have a mutually beneficial relationship with.

Mobile friendly websites are essential for SEO in 2016.

  • Try and make everything you do mobile friendly. For example provide text script in addition to video’s and consider voice only messages in various formats.
  • Similarly, ‘voice search function’ is a must – using long-tail keywords, which are more likely to be spoken than conventional keywords, will more likely bring better SEO results – so, considering specific landing pages for this ‘frequency’ is a good strategy.

Combining Mobile with Social Media.

  • According to a recent report by, the frequency of posts submitted on a monthly basis should be kept to a minimum – as little as 5; Unless your list of facebook friends exceeds 10001, then the number of ‘clicks per post’ actually declines when you submit more posts.

The goal is to “to get as much interaction from a single post as possible”.

  • The problem with facebook is that ‘business feeds’ and ‘group feeds’ are flooding the viewing platform, and individual ‘organic’ posts become lost. Everyone is imposing their own frequency on an existing frequency and this causes distortion and makes it difficult to tune in – hence the more posts you try and put on the worse you make the situation. The solution is to craft a high quality post that people will share rather than adopt a strategy of ‘2 posts per day’ – like most ‘professionals’ advise – however;
  • You have to consider your target goals – are they customer interaction or customer volume, because fewer clicks per post from many more ‘customers / friends’ could be better for you?
  • A study by Social@Ogilvy found that Facebook reach, on average, has plummeted to a meager 6%. That basically means that for every 100 fans you have, only 6 of them are going to see your content.
  • PostRocket shared a great infographic that explains the Facebook algorithm (Edgerank specifically) and it contained this golden piece.

Facebook and LinkedIn cater for people on different frequencies, so your approach should be similar, however, the solution highlighted below is the same.

Instagram is a little different. It operates on a ‘broad frequency’ and this allows many people to tune in at the same time. This is mainly because it is visual and ‘a picture tells a thousand words’ – the bottom line with Instagram, is that it is your frequency of posting that is important rather than the quality that will help you – the more the better and the more ‘regular’ the better.

People will become used to receiving your posts, and will almost tune in to try and see them – it is addictive – but do not expect much interaction unless you are prepared to adopt the following strategy . . .

Maximising Social Media Frequencies – How to tune in easiliy . . .

Your goal with social media should be to build a community on the same ‘fine frequency’ – a frequency that feeds off one another and has mutual interest and benefit.

Don’t hide behind links, don’t promote anything, and don’t even try to add extra value to it.

Just ask a question or share memories and aspirations – try and prompt a group conversation as this will increase the energy frequency. People love to be heard and love to know that they are being listened to, furthermore, if you or anyone else in the group prompt a ‘call to action’ then it will have more energy and is likely to be actioned by multiple people in the group, rather than just one person. There is nothing wrong with supporting someone else without having an agenda for self gain – I know this is hard in business, however, when you can show someone your true spirit it will bring forth positive coincidences for you – from other people / their spirits.

So, it is not complicated – it just needs honest genuine ‘love’  – of a person or a subject – love is all you need.

If you have the ‘love’ to give and share, then you can maximise this by perhaps joining an existing group and joining in the conversations. Your voice will be heard and the more you ‘pamper to the needs of the other people’ then the more people will tune in to your exact frequency – you will be like ‘music to their ears.’

Knowledge Graphs – honest, educational copy AND THE BASICS.

  • The FREE knowledge box at the top and top right of most google search pages is becoming crucial. Using schema data and understanding how it influences google to place your details ahead of everything else highlights just how ‘tuned in’ you can be / have to be’.
  • Provide xhtml site maps as this shows google you want to tune in with them.
  • Provide structured schema data with rich snippets and test it using the Structured Data Testing Tool
  • Ensuring fast page load times with tools such as use google developers Page Speed, also shows google you are wanting to be on their frequency and will help you with tuning in.
  • Avoid plagiarism as this shows you are not making an effort to tune in.
  • Give credit – It’s important to clearly indicate your sources for a variety of reasons, ranging from transparency to credibility (both yours and theirs) – if possible contact the source and chat with them – this is the ultimate way to tune in and harmonise your frequencies.
  • Give links and you may receive them – this brings different frequencies together and creates an energy wave – the bigger the wave, the more it can influence the action of others – yes your efforts can physically make others do what you want.

Tuning in to SEO frequencies will help campaign be successful:

  • Identifying and agreeing campaign targets and configure performance tracking will tune people in.
  • Tuning in to target user personas, pandering to their needs, interests and tastes will fine tune.
  • Tuning the content to maximise interest, engagement and SEO performance will provide a clearer frequency for everyone to recognise.
  • Supporting posts, infographics, pod casts and video’s will help people know the frequency.
  • Budgeting a campaign of adverts and sponsored posts will help maintain the frequency for more to tune in.
  • Tuning in people who can influence others by endorsing the frequency will create more energy and may lead to action taking place.

Mobile Apps – if you can develop one then go for it – if not try and link to them and from them.

  • Being a link from a popular App will help with your SEO, especially as it increases the CTR.

Local content and links will be crucial for 2016 and beyond.

  • Utilising ‘google my business’, google maps and achieving knowledge box status will be significant. Maximising longer keyword phrases with local details will also help.

Utilising Social Wi-Fi will be significant.

  • Creating fresh, quality content that you can promote across all social media channels, including Social Wi-Fi will be crucial.
  • Producing such content in an effective ‘story book’ manner will be the difference between quality professional SEO and ‘the standard’ commercial SEO.
  • The opportunity to analyse customer data will enhance our ability to tune in their frequency.

Utilising Social Wi-Fi instantly creates the right tuning in and frequency.

  • Providing free wi-fi in return for a like at your social media site is mutually good business.
  • Designing new landing pages that provide timely and relevant information ticks the boxes for :
    1. The needs of the buyer.
    2. What motivates the buyer to action.

Social Wi-Fi and SEO.

Imagine the benefits to SEO, when everyone that connects to your Free Wi-Fi, also connects to your targeted keyword landing page (that has a canonical link to your main SEO page.) This is a dynamic strategy for leveraging clicks for natural SEO.

Tuning in at the right frequency takes a little understanding, but with time and effort it can pay dividends. Many people, for many years have recognised the benefits of ‘mutually beneficial’ arrangements; however, if you really want to move to the higher energy frequency / stages then you need to give more than you take.

Once you start to progress up the higher energy states then your awareness of life increases and your intelligence and beliefs also change. Quite often it is difficult to progress to a higher stage of energy due to the misunderstanding that financial success is a requirement.

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