The Enlightened One

The Enlightened One


My name is Marcus Pearson and I have developed this website to support people with all aspects of enlightenment.

Enlightenment is a deep subject – I have made efforts to simply certain aspects:

I have created a ‘story time category‘ within this website, that tries to explain my theories / philosophies in a simpler way than perhaps the rest of the website struggles to (actions are more important than words, and I also have a CALL TO ACTION that cuts through all the ‘articles and waffle’ and simply invites you to contact me by phone or email or text) because,  I HAVE A BIGGER PICTURE.

My stories or parables are fictional in that the characters and places may not exist, but the principle of what is happening is the truth. This truth has been explained to me via ‘enlightenment’, but I have also personally experienced what is written by living with this truth. I have also lived with enlightenment amongst ‘most other people’ who have not been enlightened, nor have any concept of what it really involves – and in the most part, neither do they care – I mention this because I live in the real world and enlightenment is for everyone not just for those who think deep.

I have become a deep thinker – and knowledge is important – but, you can become confused by too little or too much of it.

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Marcus Pearson

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Marcus Pearson

Do you want deeper and more meaningfull explanations?!

For those of you still reading this, thank you – I am trying my best to introduce enlightenment to everyone at every level, however, some people want deeper and more meaningfull explanations – and I am one of them, so if, you are like me (a philosopher at heart ) read on . . .

I would describe myself as an ‘epistemologist of enlightenment.

Philosophers often ponder “how one can know whether there is a reality that exists independently of sense experience, given that sense experience is ultimately the only evidence one has for the existence of anything, and how one can know what anything is really like, given that different kinds of sensory evidence often conflict with each other.

My main aim is to encourage you to read my published books “as the insights overcome any doubt of knowing”

They provide a different perspective on life and may inspire you to seek the journey of enlightenment for yourself.

Gaining enlightenment is not for everyone!

My first book “Because You’re Worth It” is an introductory book and focuses on how you might be able to

‘Journey down a more enlightened path without actually having to gain enlightenment yourself’

Having said that I would like you to BECOME THE GREATEST VERSION OF YOURSELF by gaining personal enlightenment as I have and to discover “The Ultimate Purpose of Life”.

My second book “The Ultimate Purpose” explains many of the simple questions that science and religion can’t – it may change your life – it has given me greater PERSPECTIVE and changed how I approach life, work, leisure and relationships.

The aim of this website and all related work is to “drip some JUICE – The elixir of life” in your direction, in the hope that you may benefit in Body, Mind and Spirit – and hopefully make contact with me to further your opportunity to BECOME THE GREATEST VERSION OF YOURSELF.

in 2017 – so please try and attend – details will be posted on social media.

“JUICE is The Elixir of Life” – it is based on enlightenment.

Enlightenment is a knowing accessible to everyone from a life force beyond our 5 main senses.

The elixir of life is a JUICE that in it’s purest form can only be provided by enlightenment.

the elixir of life                                                 The Elixir Of Life

Enlightenment has nothing to do with religion and does not involve having to spend any money – WOW – yes this is something you can gain for yourself that is FREE.

Juice – The Elixir of Life provides action for your enlightenment:

Enlightenment is worthless unless you take action to follow it up.

I personally try and live as an enlightened being and I am using this website and all its links to reach you on a digital level. I want to inspire you to contact me personally and further the practical journey by living in an enlightened manner. Together we may have more success in helping others – are you up for it – ring me on +44 7931 326 164

Cheers, Marcus Pearson

Juice – The Elixir of Life  – Book Series:

My books on enlightenment are all written within a series entitled “Juice – The Elixir Of Life”.

You may also gain enlightenment:

My purpose is to encourage you to gain enlightenment for yourself.

One of the first books that grabbed my attention was “As a man thinketh” by James Allen. He went on to say –

quote – “as a man thinketh in his heart so is he”.

James Allen

This statement was the start of a spiritual journey for me and after 4 years of searching and questioning of all the insights I came across – I was enlightened.

This enlightenment / awareness / knowledge / priori came from beyond my thoughts and psyche and I can now add my own variation to his famous quote –

quote – “as a man is enlightened in his heart so is he” . . . furthermore, he then has to put this knowledge into action otherwise – “so is he not”.

Marcus Pearson

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