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The Big Picture

The Big Picture:

The big picture for me only arose after I had freed myslef from negative energy and gained resilience. I was then fortunate to receive enlightenment, however, this only gave me clarity and purpose – I still had to consider how I would live my life in terms of actions and relationships – what this really involves is knowing how to “tune in to the varied vibrating frequencies that are in and around us”.

In order to thrive I personally feel a need to be true to myself and true to others.

This means I continually question everything and only go forward with what I consider to be the best option at that time- it means I do not follow anything if I believe it is not the best and truthful way. It means I am trying to tune in to the optimal frequency that naturally exists, rather than a frequency that is out of tune.

I seek to contribute to the lives of others and to help them gain personal enlightenment, or at least help them live as an enlightened person in an enlightened community.

The BIG PICTURE would be for everyone to be enlightened and to live in an enlightened world together, however, I feel that the powers of those people who control most of what we do and influence our beliefs and actions is so great that this BIG PICTURE may not be so easily achieved.

My realistic BIG PICTURE is to work with people who recognise what is going on and are taking action to live and be enlightened. This involves very small changes based on an individuals choices to opt out of a ‘controlled auto-pilot lifestyle’ and to work together to nurture, develop and live an enlightened lifestyle based on thriving – based on tuning in to the natural frequency that exists.

Holistic Policies:

I will be seeking to communicate on a personal basis with people who ‘talk the talk’  to see if they are prepared to ‘walk the walk’ and take action with me to try and influence local, regional, national and international policies that will allow mankind to pursue a more holistic and purposeful existence. This ‘dream’ will manifest itself with a number of small scale initiatives promoted through JUICE THRIVE.


Creating positivity within individuals and groups:

Most individuals have never seriously contemplated what it means to “be the greatest version of themselves” .

Similarly, organisations rarely provide the opportunity to nurture the energy of the people around them.

I would like to set up and run sessions that create positivity within individuals and workforces.

Everyone doesn’t  have to “be the greatest version of themselves or thrive”, however, these sessions require someone to lead the way with positivity, self-belief and clarity of vision with regard to creating a positive holistic environment. If you are such a person, or know such a person, then I am offering my support.

If this sounds of interest the please contact me – Marcus Pearson +44 7931 326 164

For examples of thrive initiatives please click here.

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