Story Time Intro – PERSPECTIVE

Hello and welcome to my introductory story on PERSPECTIVE.


This introduction is actually a revised summary of my most recent ‘enlightenment’ and slightly modifies the insights I have provided in my published books on enlightenment.

I have found it a very difficult subject to write about as words are a poor substitute for simply ‘knowing and doing something‘, however, I have done my best.

I would suggest that if you feel you want more detail and supporting insights then please read my books.

I would also suggest that if you feel you might like to understand more but in a manner that is simpler to read then please read my ‘Story Time’‘; these ‘fables and parables’ explain the ‘the knowing I have gained through personal enlightenement’ using fictional objects, characters and humans in a way that should be easy for everyone to understand  including children.

Here we go . . .


In the beginning there was only one thing – and it will always be here.

It had height, width, length and time – it was both a 3 and 4 dimensional creation.

It could change its appearance and be anything and exist at any time in the past or the future.

It may have looked like a vibrating spiral of transparent energy . . . it may also have looked like you or me or indeed anything else you can perceive.

spiral of lafe

If we could ‘perceive’ ourself as a vibrating energy field then we may ‘see the heat from colours’ and ‘feel a positive force from the vibrating frequency’

Individuality and bioholograms:

My PERSPECTIVE that we may be 3 dimensional beings evolved from a 4th dimensional creator may be better understood when we consider what can already be seen by humans.

Having evolved to be 99.9% alike in our DNA, our individuality is ‘only’ expressed in three million small variations in our cells, called ‘single nucleotide polymorphisms’ and these can be seen by humans as ‘bioholograms’ using a low frequency electro-magnetic spectrum scanner.

. . . it may be best explained as a –

“three-dimensional electromagnetic waves in the space that the organism occupies.”

 photonic image

Doctors and scientists are now starting to use tchnology to access these frequencies to identify good and bad frequencies.

But this is getting us off track . . .

Let us talk again of why we were created . . .

When the original life force duplicated itself it created an opportunity for ‘new vibrating spirals of energy‘ to have their own unique frequency – this created something called PERSPECTIVE – and this is what my main story is about – PERSPECTIVE.

The first frequencies became the ‘building blocks’ for other frequencies, and everything that now exists is a combination of smaller frequencies that have combined to form more complex frequencies of energy – the difference between 2 or more frequencies is called PERSPECTIVE.

Even DNA, atoms, quarks, electrons are frequencies of energy and when they combine or divide they create new frequencies that are simply new forms of ENERGY OR LIFE OR PERSPECTIVE.


Multiple frequencies can combine to create creatures with intelligence.


This can be evidenced from what humans are discovering with DNA:

Your DNA is what makes you uniquely you.

DNA stands for ‘deoxyribonucleic acid’, sometimes called “the molecule of life,” as almost all organisms have their genetic material codified as DNA.

My perspective / awareness is that we are in fact 4 dimensional creatures within a 3 dimensional perspective. This means we have the capacity to travel backwards and forward in time – it is only a matter of time before we achieve this – but through ENLIGHTENMENT we may achieve it sooner! This may also make it possible for us to exist as the frequency of our internal spirit (this is potentially the 4th dimensional capacity) independant of our 3 dimensional body. (My enlightenment indicates that this is possible, but as a 3 dimensional body I still have trouble accepting what I have been enlightened to).
In order to truly KNOW something you need to:
  • Accept is as the truth,
  • Believe in it and
  • Be able to justify it. (this is the part that prevents me from truly knowing – but I still believe it!)
The image below shows the various frequencies contained within a spiral, which signifies how they may develop and change during a period of time.


With reference to the image below

I would now like to try and explain one of the most important insights I have gained with regard to

How enlightenment may manifest itself in what we do . . .

spiral energy stages

 “The image above clarifies how different frequencies exist up the spiral. It also clarifies that higher up the spiral our frequencies develop beyond our 5 main senses.

I wish to clarify that the body and lower mind frequencies are connected to our physical 3 dimension and originate from our psyche, whereas the higher mind and spirit frequencies are connected to our 4th dimension and as such originate from beyond our psyche – they come from enlightenment.

We can only gain ‘true knowledge frequencies’ from enlightenment.

The true knowing that this imparts will be the same for everyone that receives it – BUT THERE MAY BE A PROBLEM FOR US – which is . . .

The split second after receiving this true knowledge we revert back to our 3 dimensional frequency and we have to reinterpret what we have received using our psyche and inadequate communication frequencies from the brain such as our thoughts, the written and spoken word – all of which are subject to our ability to think and communicate effectively and are ALSO open to misunderstanding from the perspective of others – especially those that have not been enlightened.

This is a MAJOR CONSIDERATION FOR ANY ENLIGHTENED PERSON READING THIS – we must come together to tune in and support whatever enlightened activity we are doing – we must find those who are truly enlightened at a higher level than ourselves – we must learn TOGETHER, and accept it may be someone else who progresses to another even higher level rather than ourselves– we must help mankind achieve what many know is our destiny – I am calling to you now to have the clarity and insight to recognise this and to contact me.


Our enlightenment will manifest itself with a willingness to tune in to the lower frequencies of others AND MORE IMPORTANTLY the higher frequencies of others.

We can never tune in to the higher frequencies of someone with greater enlightenment until we receive such enlightenment ourselves. We may and must try to tune in and behave in a similar manner as someone that has been enlightened at a higher level – but we will never know the truth of this frequency until we receive it personally – this has to be our goal.

The more we try and tune in to the frequencies above us then the more likely we will be to receive enlightenment at higher and higher frequencies.

Receiving enlightenment is not about meditating and waiting to be ‘gifted the knowing’ – but rather, it is about tuning in and about aligning what we do, our physical actions, with what is true – truth = knowledge.

To tune in and then to live at a an ‘enlightened frequency’ is the only way to advance up the spiral of enlightenment.

You do not have to distance yourself from those at the lower frequencies, (because if you do they might have no one to raise them up the spiral) however, in order to attain ever higher frequencies you have to try and tune in to the frequencies / the actions of someone at a higher frequency than yourself.

Only by following this spiral of development will we evolve to perceive our 4th dimension.

Once we have sufficient communities living at this level then we may be able to transcend between our 3rd and 4th dimension at will.

This is The Ultimate Purpose”

Marcus Pearson

Our energy or JUICE never dies – we have to know how to use it:

The combining and splitting of atoms also causes ENERGY – THE SUN splits atoms of hydrogen and helium using nuclear fusion – it gives off energy as light and heat – this is never lost as it spreads out and changes form and characteristics.

energy from our sun



Nothing is truly a solid or a liquid or a gas it is simply an energy frequency.

Energy can never be destroyed it just changes its frequency or form and characteristics.

Everything is unique and has its own frequency perception with regard to why and how anything communicates.

Most humans are limited to perceiving physical life as a 3 dimensional vision of our 4th dimensional existence.
We only believe what we can perceive and even our beliefs have a frequency, in fact:
  • What we think has a frequency
  • What we say has a frequency
  • What we do has a frequency
  • What we believe has a frequency

All of the above frequencies can be different, however, for the original life force they are all the same frequency – they are pure knowledge and truth.

When this “pure knowledge or truth” is communicated to a human it is called enlightenment.



OK let me try and keep this short and simple – first of all I am limited by words and my ability – but here we go . . .

  1. We evolved from a 3 and 4 dimensional ORIGINAL SOURCE / CREATOR.
  2. It duplicated itself and everything that exists has the creators 4th dimensional frequency and capacity, however, physical life as we perceive it, is within the limits of a 3 dimensional body.
  3. The only way we can gain truth and knowledge is to receive enlightenment OR to BELIEVE AND LIVE AS AN ENLIGHTENED BEING following guidance from someone who has been enlightened.
  4. Even those who have been enlightened and live in an enlightened manner require SUPPORT from others to live as they do – to be on the same single frequency with what they think, say, do and believe. This may be achieved by individuals in their own unique way but it requires a collective ‘knowing’ and willingness to take action.
  5. This community of enlightened frequencies should then bring up everyone in their family and community with the same frequency and endeavour to strengthen this frequency / energy and to learn from it.
  6. This journey should allow our enlightened society to tune in to the 4th dimension – and then . . .?

WOW . . .

This introduction is a knowing provided to me from personal enlightenment over the period February 2016 – February 2017.

I find it interesting and amusing that the dawning of enlightenment is called by some “The Dawning Of The Age of Aquarius”, which is by some calculations on the cusp of Pisces and Aquarius – which amongst other dates is the 19th February – my birthday – I just find this amusing.

This is the end of my introduction and it will be followed by stories called fables and parables that will use fictional objects, creatures and human characters to try and explain a perspective that I know to be the truth, but as yet cannot justify.

Others may have difficulty to imagine or believe what I am implying so the stories may provide an excuse to read and consider things without criticism from others.

Thank You.

Marcus Pearson

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