The Purpose of Life is (short version)


What is The Purpose of Life?


The Purpose of Life is answered in a book entitled The Ultimate Purpose.

The book “The Ultimate Purpose” is about why we were created, what happens when we die and what the purpose of life is whilst we are alive – be enlightened!

The Purpose of Life

The Ultimate Purpose is a short book with a clear intention – to invite you to gain enlightenment and find your JUICE – THE ELIXIR OF LIFE.

Without enlightenment you may understand the words and perceive their meaning, but you will not truly be aware or believe what you are reading.

If we seek to gain awareness and enlightenment of life from purely a scientific and sensual awareness, then that is what we will get – a sensual awareness of the physical world.

The Ultimate Purpose is a PARADOX in that if we want to know what it is, we have to know ourselves at the core, and in order to know this we have to explore and be enlightened from beyond our waking senses. We must receive awareness from where we believe it does not exist – you have to believe in the possibility of enlightenment before you can receive enlightenment – THIS IS WHY SO MANY PEOPLE DO NOT RECEIVE ENLIGHTENMENT.

the purpose of life

I believe that science will in the future have awareness of how and why this ‘enlightenment’ occurs, until such time I am going to refer to the source of enlightenment as LEGS.

This acronym stands for Love/Energy/God/Spirit or Soul.

I believe this unexplained and unknown ‘entity’ may be evidenced by science in the future, moreover, this book will explain why this is likely.

It is quite possible that our SOUL is created from physical matter. The tiny ‘quarks and electrons‘ that science has discovered, have an ability to be a ‘particle or wave’. They also emit a positive or up charge and a negative or down charge. These PARTICLES AND WAVES are the basis of ALL MATTER EVERYWHERE,  in every solar system anywhere – so, it is not inconceivable that such a ‘physical creation’ (and one that we don’t yet fully understand) may lead scientists down the road to evidencing, accepting and quantifying that ‘entity’ we currently refer to as our SOUL.

This is not what the book is about; this book is about gaining enlightenment from this unknown energy source, and using it to have a clear purpose in your life – this clarity is what I call ‘JUICE – The Elixir Of Life’.

This book is an invitation for you to consider gaining enlightenment- “from scientists to spiritual swingers, religious diplomats and intellectual assassins – I invite you all to consider the implications from this book – come and get your own JUICE!”

Marcus Pearson

Who am I and is this information for you?

It took me almost 50 years years to free myself of all the negative energy that had built up and been stored in my conscious and sub-conscious mind.

I am now an enlightened person with almost everything I need in life.

My purpose is to further my own levels of enlightenment and to try and support others on their journey of enlightenment.

My aim is to be around enlightened people and to try and develop an enlightened family and community.

In pursuit of this I have re-structured my whole life so that what I do mirrors what I am.

I provide a range of programs and products and services that help people find and use thier own JUICE – The Elixir of Life – I help people “Get to the Top” of the emotional spiral. The name of the organisation that manages all that I provide is “Get to the Top” –

Regardless of who you are – any individual or group conversations or ‘sessions’ we have will be completely confidential. I do not relate anything to anyone else and it is up to you if you want to keep any meetings personal or thank me via social media etc, but I will never discuss or comment on anything in written form or verbally – I mention this because many people, especially men do want others to know they have any negative energy, and let’s be honest, it has nothing to do with anyone else!

I focus on the positive . . .

I am flexible and suggest in all instances contacting me in person is the best option – Ring  +44 7931 326 164 for a confidential and FREE chat.

Marcus Pearson

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