My previous article on Cancer treatment does not seek to infleunce you either way; it seeks to be balanced AND make you aware that perhaps The Truth about cancer is more than we are led to believe!?

As the author of this post, MY PERSPECTIVE is that perhaps PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.

This post focuses on  “PREVENTING CANCER”, however, it also comments on disease in general . . .

I believe there does exist a balanced and honest perspective on this, and it is provided by the charity – Cancer Active –

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cancer active

(*2) According to cancer active –

Fasting and calorie restriction can slow and even stop cancer progression and tumour growth, kill cancer cells and significantly improve chemo and radiotherapy effectiveness. Fasting has also been shown to boost the immune system, and reduce chemotherapy side-effects. A three or five day fast is something to seriously consider when having chemotherapy.

Prevention is bettter than cure and this is supported by The Nutritional Logistics Program – more here.

Leading cancer centres and experts such as Dr Valter Longo of University of Southern California, Professor Thomas Seyfried of Boston, Dr Dominic D´Agostino, Assistant Professor of Molecular Pharmacology, University of South Florida, and the Max-Plank Institute show that fasting can play an important therapeutic role in the treatment of cancer.

Fasting has been a part of the treatment of illness since Hippocrates and Plutarch was quoted as asserting, ‘Instead of using medicine, rather fast a day’. Between 2008 and 2013 there have been a number of research studies suggesting fasting can have significant beneficial effects with people trying to beat cancer, halting cancer progression, improving survival, reducing the side-effects of drugs and radiotherapy and even causing tumours to disappear.

Dr Dominic D´Agostino has done a considerable amount of work on Calorie Restriction, fasting and the Ketogenic Diet. Carbohydrate restriction will reduce levels of blood glucose, insulin and IGF-1, all implicated in the cancer development process. But when you have your next meal containing carbohydrates, the glucose and hormone levels will spike. This causes mood swings and the spikes can still aid cellular inflammation and cancer development.

To have an impact on cancer restriction, calorie restriction is essential. This induces ketosis in the body, a process where normal carbohydrate metabolism is replaced by ketone and fatty acid metabolism. Healthy cells have the flexibility to cope, but cancer cells are inflexible.

Marcus Pearson, founder of The Nutritional Logistics Program, has been fasting every week since January 2013. He has experience of many forms of intermittent fasting, of combining fasting with exercise, and of combining it with a ‘conventional carb based diet and a ketogenic diet. He has also been undertaking a 4 day fast every month since March 2017.

Prevention is bettter than cure and this is supported by The Nutritional Logistics Program – more here.

However, many people find the idea of ´fasting´ intolerable, so a step forward could well be the Ketogenic diet.


At CANCER active we have already reviewed the Ketogenic Diet, where all but non-starchy vegetable carbohydrates are banned and the patient follows a good fat and low but natural protein-focused diet. The core thinking is to deprive the cancer of its favourite food, glucose.

Prevention is bettter than cure and this is supported by The Nutritional Logistics Program – more here.

In Cancer Watch we have covered several research studies that show people with the highest blood plasma glucose levels get more cancers; and people with cancer who have the highest plasma glucose levels, survive least. Indeed there is increasing evidence that even more worrisome may be high fructose corn syrup in fizzy soft drinks.

While cancer cells have to have glucose to metabolise, healthy cells can use other foods such as fat. The process is termed ketosis. Starve the body of glucose by providing calories in the form of good fats and you may well be able to starve, and therefore kill off, the cancer.

There is also some evidence that some cancer cells may be able to switch to glutamine, an amino acid from protein. And also that high protein drives the mTOR pathway which causes cancer cell proliferation.  So restricted protein consumption seems important too.

The question is therefore: Since ketosis will occur under starvation conditions anyway, do you need to employ the Ketogenic diet, or can you merely go on a fast?

The Nutritional Logistics Program incorporates both keto adaptation and intermittent fasting – it also has additional insights on 3-4 day fasting, and current research on this indicates it may be the ultimate prevention to cancer.

The Nutritional Logistics Program – more here.

health wire

(*3) According to Dr Colin Champ (Health Wire) a  radiation oncologist (from the red corner) – intermittent fasting is the way forward.

Prevention is bettter than cure and this is supported by The Nutritional Logistics Program – more here.

(*4) The actual research led to the following conclusion:

And without exception, “the combination of fasting cycles plus chemotherapy was either more or much more effective than chemo alone,” said senior author Valter Longo, professor of gerontology and biological sciences at the USC Davis School of Gerontology and the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences.

“A way to beat cancer cells may not be to try to find drugs that kill them specifically but to confuse them by generating extreme environments, such as fasting that only normal cells can quickly respond to,”

Longo’s collaborators were lead authors Changhan Lee, a graduate student in Longo’s laboratory at the USC Davis School of Gerontology, and Lizzia Raffaghello, a researcher at the Giannina Gaslini Institute of Genoa, Italy. Other co-authors were Min Wei, research assistant professor in gerontology at USC; Sebastian Brandhorst, Fernando Safdie, Saewon Hwang and Annalisa Merlino, researchers in the Longo lab; Giovanna Bianchi, Laura Emionite and Vito Pistoia of the Giannina Gaslini Institute; and Alejandro Martin-Montalvo and Rafael de Cabo of the NIA.

Funding for the study came from the National Institutes of Health, the Bakewell Foundation, The V Foundation for Cancer Research, the Norris cancer center, the Italian Association for Cancer Research and the Italian Foundation for Cancer Research.

An independent insight from Lee Euler of Cancer Defeated  (*5)

Cancer Defeated! was founded in 2006.  It’s a private, for-profit publishing enterprise dedicated to researching, investigating and reporting on alternative cancer treatments, and has grown rapidly to become the world’s number one source of information about this important subject – their viewpoint is . . .

Mainstream doctors try to fix the effects of cancer, rather than the cause of cancer. They treat symptoms, not the root cause.

New, cutting-edge research proves you can fight cancer by fasting… and especially by stomping carbohydrates out of your diet.

Prevention is bettter than cure and this is supported by The Nutritional Logistics Program – more here.

Chris Wark has recovered from cancer and has remained cancer free for the last 13 years and counting.

chris beat cancer

He has his own website to help others overcome cancer.

His main message is “you should fast”. (*6)

Prevention is bettter than cure and this is supported by The Nutritional Logistics Program – more here.

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No disease can exist within a clean body!

Many Doctors, scientists and researchers, myself included, believe that “no disease can exist within a clean body” .

The pursuit and maintenance of a clean body is a worthy lifestyle consideration.

In order to clean the body we must rid it of toxins that have built up over time, and one of the most effective ways to achieve this is called a ‘detox’.

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