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These programs may not be suitable for everyone. All individuals, especially those who suffer from any disease or are recovering from any injury or illness, should seek the advice from a qualified medical professional before making any lifestyle changes. Marcus Pearson has been thorough in his research, however, he is neither responsible nor liable for any harm, injury or illness resulting from any of the information provided herein.

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All the “superfoods4u” products contain only 100% organic and edible food with no additives or preservatives or colouring  – nothing else is added. They have been developed for daily use to provide nutritional benefits for all ages.

The products should not only be safe to eat and safe to apply on your skin and hair, but due to the high level of micro-nutrients and high levels of protein, low levels of fat, low carbs and low calories – they are ideal for reducing body fat, increasing muscle and for general health and skin improvement. They will support you for a healthier and longer active life.

The super foods used (namely, spirulina & chlorella) contain super high proportions of vitamins and minerals that should enhance you rather than impair you in any way, furthermore, although they have been combined with other 100% organic whole foods, there should be no reason for the products to provide you with too much of any nutrient.

If you are on any medication, or suffer from any allergies or have any medical problems, then, as with any aspect of your life you should consider what you do and eat and seek professional advice from a doctor or health specialist / nutritionist.

As regards infants, due to their skin and internal organs not being fully developed, we advise you not give the products to infants until you have discussed the matter with a doctor / nutritionist.

SF1 is provided in a powder form and may be used in a variety of ways including:

  • As a powder – sprinkle onto yoghurt, cereals or salads or mix with avocado & cream – more recipe’s at the website!
  • In a smoothy – simply add to water or your favourite type of milk or fruits or vegetables and salad – blend and drink!

SF2 is provided as a powder for mixing with water, milks or certain natural oils. It may also be used as a natural alternative to “toxic” sun creams – please view the guidelines at our website. It is not a suntan lotion and does not block UV light. It does however, allow your body to absorb Vitamin D from the sun and naturally enhances your ability to protect itself from the possible harmful effects of intense sunshine.  Please wash off thoroughly before drying as it may stain your towel or clothes (the green stain will come off clothes when washed).

You can also eat SF2 – it is 100% organic food and is great as a concentrated smoothy mix (1 tsp with your shake).

Marketing & Distribution: is a website created to market and distribute “superfoods4u” products for the business – “Get to the Top” – (a family business, based in Rochdale, England – distributing globally).

Members of “Get to the Top” are permittted to market the product and it is also sold on a retail basis. Only the information at our official website and on the product labels is official, and consumers should be wary of any misleading claims made by others.

Terms and Conditions:

Any products purchased directly from this website, or from a member or retail outlet, and delivered as part of the order will be provided with a 14 day money back guarantee from the date of delivery.

This means you have 14 days from receiving the goods to return them from where you purchased them – if they arrive after 14 days the guarantee is not valid.

If you want your money back then you have to return the goods unopened, undamaged and unmarked – preferably in the packaging (or similar) to how they were sent to you. We do not return goods simply because you do not like the taste or the colour!

You will have to pay any postage on return and it is your responsibility to ensure the goods are received in perfect condition. (You will not be reimbursed for any postage).

If you do this then there is an unconditional money back guarantee – if you fail to do this then the guarantee will not be honoured, however, you are entitled to then keep the goods, as you bought them.

Purchases from a Distributor:

When anyone purchases goods from a registered distributor – the same terms apply. However, it is your responsibility to contact the distributor in the first instance. This will allow the distributor time to contact us so we may decide who the goods should be returned to. If you cannot contact the distributor, then you may contact us and we will sort out the situation as smoothly as possible.

Returns Process:

If you wish to return any goods, then before you return them, you must email us at the following email address and provide us with the date you placed the order and the Batch Number of the products you wish to return, if possible we would also like to know the ID of the member who introduced you to the product. This will ensure we are aware of your return and can support you, hopefully with a replacement.

Email for returns –

You can eat it or put it on your skin, it tastes great, it does you good and it is very well priced.

60% of what we put on our skin and hair is absorbed into our blood and circulates around our body – therefore, “if you can’t eat it don’t put it on your skin”.

Superfoods4U have produced two initial products  – SF1 and SF2 to allow people of all ages to benefit from their super ingredients.

There is nothing complicated about superfoods4u  – the most important aspect is making the product versatile, tasty, affordable and available 4u.

We believe we have succeeded – try it, enjoy it, benefit from it – maybe even encourage others to try it

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