The Nutritional Logistics Program

The Nutritional Logistics Program (NLP) is the best health and fitness program in the world because it focuses on raising your frequency.

Nutritional Logistics – what does it mean?

Nutritional Logistics “provides an effective and successful way for you to interpret the complicated activities and interactions of nutrients and other substances in food in relation to maintenance, growth, reproduction, health and disease of an organism.”

Nutritional Logistics provides alternative and optimal considerations for various lifestyle choices such as being a vegan or being ketogenic; thus allowing individuals to tune in to their own resonance with a variety of frequency options!?!”

If this sounds a little strange, it is because everything has a vibrating frequency, including our emotions and thoughts and the vitamins, minerals and the elements – even the smallest atoms and quarks; and Nutritional Logistics wants you to recognise this insight because it matters above all other considerations with regard to what your life is all about!

This program will help you tune in your body, mind and spirit to the frequencies of your resonance.

vitamin frequency

Nutritional tuning has mulitiple frequencies:

What we eat, when we eat, why we eat, who we eat with, where we eat, how we eat and what sounds are around us and how much light are all factors that bring in their own frequency. we are in whilst eating all

Spiral of negative and positive energy


The Nutritional Logistics Program:

The Nutritional Logistics Program aims to raise the ‘frequency hz’ of your body, mind and spirit; furthermore, it aims to tune them all in with everything you do and think about and interact with.

The fundamentals of the Nutritional Logistics Program are based on a change in belief systems and continous learning:

  • Preventing Glycation and Advanced Glycations End Products AGE (*1 – see below)
  • Fat Oxidation  – The optimising of fat removal (*2)
  • Eliminating Inflammation  – Prevention and removal of harmful products (*3)
  • Autophagy Optimisation – Maximising the removal of old cells and the growth of new cells (*4)
  • Brain Wave Entrainment – Pileal Gland Optimisation (*5)
  • Removing Negative Energy – via a range of therapeutic activities. (This is an optional extra).
  • Intellectual Stimulation – via a variety of insights, articles, books and inclusion projects. (These are FREE EXTRA’S).

What does The Nutritional Logistics Program Involve:

If you want to take advantage of the “best holistic health and fitness program in the world” then some lifestyle changes may be required. The purpose of the program is to raise the frequency of your body and mind by eating and exercising in a certain way – a way that maximises the growth of new cells in your brain and body. This will regenerate you; it will make you leaner, stronger and fitter; it will make you look and feel younger and it will give you more energy, more memory and greater learning potential. It will free you of all negative energy and allow you to thrive and become the greatest version of yourself.

When your frequency increases then you may start to gain some spiritual enlightenment and then A NEW journey will start.

If you want to “Get to the Top” of the spiral of energy, then please join the program.

Join The Nutritional Logistics Program and benefit from all the insights.

Summary of the insights:

The following information provides an outline of what you get for your £50.00 ‘lifetime joining on fee’.

Anyone in the world may join because the insights are all online.

Additional benefits may be available to people in certain regions of the UK, however, this is an added bonus for them and does not detract from the benefits everyone else has.

nutritional logistics program

This program recognises and utilises the truth about health and fitness.

The NLP is equally geared for athletes, combat professionals, fitness enthusiasts and those with health and fitness problems.

It is perfect for adults, children and teenagers, men, women, the elderly and those who are underweight or obese, unfit and possibly unwell or ill.

It is designed for ultimate health and fitness and may be adapted specifically for weight loss, body toning, pure strength, muscle and weight gain, hormonal balance, and as a remedy for most ailments of the body, mind and spirit. It is perfect for anyone and everyone.

The information will last you a lifetime and it can be used by everyone in your family, furthermore it is updated regularly and includes cutting edge insights from users and includes an opportunity to chat socially with the founder and all other members. It also includes free snippets of fun and inspirational insights sent direct to your mobile via our holistic digital newsletter called “Juice 60777“.

Juice 60777 is a free holistic newsletter and you can preview the benefits prior to joining the NLP.

The Nutritional Logistics Program costs £50.00 for a lifetime membership per family.

Click on the image below to join.

Nutritional Logistics Program


nutritional logistics program

Athletes such as Chris Froome follow mny of the principles of this program to maximise their performance, recovery and health.

Combat professionals and fitness managers such as Kane Mousah recognise the benefits of taking superfoods to maximise their performance and recovery.


The NUTRITIONAL LOGISTICS PROGRAM explains how anyone can use true insights to improve the health and fitness of everyone in their family. It combines nutrition with fitness and exercise and performance training, it also provides free additional insights on self improvement and how to tune in to success.

If you need more details before you join then please click here.


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