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My name is Marcus Pearson.

The Enlightened One

What enlightenment has done for me:

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However, if you want to know what enlightenment has done for me, if you want to know my personal perspective on the impact of enlightenment, then this is the page to find out – read on . . .

This starts with some background perspective which is important, because everything we think and do is based on perspective.

I started to reflect on life when I was 30, after I suffered bancruptcy and lost all my financial security, which for me at the time was a big deal. At 21 I had become the youngest contract work study engineer in the UK and after a few years this had further developed into mangament consultancy and business mentoring. I was very sucessful and decided to set up my own business.

This entrepreneurial move into ‘interior landscaping’ flourished and after a few years I expanded into landscape design and build and tree surgery with two new business partners. After a very busy few years we experienced some large accounts failing to pay us and the knock on effect for me was that I went bankrupt.

I started to reflect on life and realised I had something of value that did not need money –  and that was a lovely wife and two healthy sons. This inspired to me make the most out of a bad situation. I re-invented myself as a sports coach and fitness instructor and life was great again for a few years, I managed to set up one of the largest youth coaching and mentoring programs in the UK with over 1000 children per week taking part – however, the perspective that my wife had after going through all this stress and change resulted in her wanting to live a life without me – so we parted and this left me empty.

I was so depressed I considered all sorts of crazy things; I let my sports business go to ruin, I lost all confidence and interest in myself and lived in self pity for a few years. My health and fitness suffered and I was an angry person with little time or consideration for anyone or anything. I had no money, no home, no wife and no incentives – but I had my sons at week-end and it was my love for them that gave me strength to carry on.

My 1st enlightenment came and went without me knowing that it was enlightenment – and it came about two years after I was alone – it came when I was aged forty.

I had started to meditate and go for long lonely walks and this helped me to avoid drinking and feeling self pity. One day I started talking to myself and ‘we decided’ (my outer and inner self) that I was no good to my sons if I could not even have respect for myself. I decided I was worthy of loving myself – I accepted that not everything that I thought was bad or sad was actually of my own making – and EVERYTHING WAS ONLY BAD OR SAD IN MY PERSPECTIVE – so I wondered If i should or could SIMPLY CHANGE MY PERSPECTIVE FROM NEGATIVE TO POSTIVE; after all, I still had the love of my sons and of my parents and sister and of my closest friends. In fact my perspective on this was that I  had much more than many other people, furthermore, recognising this and taking action to respond to this love with positive energy was all that was needed.

I have never knowingly thought of this as enlightenment, and most significantly, if I had not taken positive action then nothing would have changed – but I did take action and this resulted in EVERYTHING improving – all because I let go of my negative energy and replaced it with positive energy.



Once I had accepted that I was being held back by ALL THE BUILD UP AND BURIAL of my negative energy I started to replace it with positive energy.




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