The Nutritional Logistics Program

The Nutritional Logistics Program:

The best health and fitness program in the world

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The Nutritional Logistics Program is a unique program.

It was developed by Marcus Pearson and is based on his personal experience of testing out new scientific research on:

  • Nutrition.
  • Exercise and fitness.
  • Fasting.
  • Cardiovascular and strength conditioning.
  • Mental and spiritual development.


The program has been extended to provide nutrition for the brain, the mind and the spirit.

It provides detailed insights into Digital Marketing to help you work smarter rather than harder. It provides insights on how to have more mental energy and focus. It also has insights on the true purpose of life to provide you with clarity with everything you do and how you do it.

Many people consider The Nutritional Logistics Program to be the greatest program in the world.

In the first 3 months of using the principles of NLP I reduced my weight from 14 stone 6 pounds to a low of 10 stone 13 pounds and my body fat reduced from 30% to 10%. My muscle mass and strength have improved and I look more muscular and yet leaner.

The insights from The Nutritional Logistics Program have remained with me and this has enabled me to continually improve over the past 4 years without having to refer to any other programs. I have now made them available online so you can access them at any time via the members section.

During this period I also felt mentally energised and wrote 2 books on spiritual enlightenment. In my pursuit of perfection I also developed my own blend of superfoods. My SF1 provides the most nutritionally dense whole food in the world – and it tastes great. I have discounted the price for members of the program.

Over the last few years I have changed my approach to life / work and I now live in a much better balanced and harmonious manner with more time for family, friends and personal development. I am able to perceive ‘problems’ in such a way that I can resolve them efficiently. I strive to help others with this awareness.

I am rarely ill and don’ t even get colds, my energy levels and hormones are very well balanced and sleeping is a pleasure. My recovery rate from intense training is excellent and I have a lot more energy than people my age. Friends have even given me a new nickname due to my even happier disposition, love of food, exercise and life – “P Diddly Dacious”.

Marcus Pearson

Nutritional Logistics Program

My new habits from the Nutritional Logistics Program include:

  • Fasting for 24 hours on a Monday and Thursday (I have done this every week since January 2013).
  • Maintaining Nutritional Ketosis for 8 – 9 months of the year (my longest conitious period being 18 months).
  • Undertaking High Intensity Interval Training 3 – 5 times per week.
  • Strength training 3 – 5 times per week.
  • Meditating 2 – 3 times per week.
  • Mental agility and continious learning.
  • Being focused on the moment and on anything I do, whilst maintaining the bigger perspective.

I also allow time to ‘just be myself’ and spend quality time with family and friends.

“The ability to focus and gain a greater perspective on all aspects of ‘what is going on’ will provide everyone with insights on what really matters.”

Marcus Pearson

The Nutritional Logistics Program involves a one off ‘life time fee’ of only £50.00 per indivual or household. As a free bonus the program  / insights are updated on a regular basis at this website for no extra charge. For example, new research indicates that  a 3 -4 day fast may irradicate any pre-cancerous cells, and ultimatley prevent cancer. Marcus has been experimenting with this and since March 2017 has undertaken a 3-4 day fast every month. Details of how this benefits the mind and the body are provided for no extra cost once you ‘join’ The Nutritional Logistics Program.

“I welcome personal contact to discuss any aspect of NLP or ‘enlightenment’ – ring 07931 326 164 – I am very friendly”.

Marcus Pearson

Other Testimonials:

I had known Marcus for almost 8 years prior to him developing his ‘Nutritional Program’ , and after looking at his new physique and noticing his extra energy, I asked him if he could help me. I had put on weight and the doctor advised me to reduce my cholesterol level.

Marcus sent over the program and I had a good read – I must say that I was a bit worried that I didn’t have the focus to do it. He gave me such great personal support that it was actually enjoyable and I felt obliged to tell everyone how good it was:

  • At the end of the first week I lost ‘9 pounds’ and felt great.
  • At the end of week two I had lost a further ‘9 pounds’- and felt amazing.
  • By the end of week four I lost a further 5 pounds and at the end of week four a further 3 pounds.
  • My target was 30 pounds in 3 months –  I did it in 4 weeks, however, my calorie intake was still good and I felt full most of the time.

Most people would say that these results are crazy and what I lost was mainly water, however, I have kept the weight off and have improved my body tone.

I actually enjoyed, and even looked forward to my Monday fast. I had so much energy that I started jogging and joined the gym.

I went back to the doctors at the end of week 8 and she could not believe how I looked, moreover my cholesterol had dropped significantly and she wanted details of the program herself.

I now laugh at people when they look at me eating my ‘full English breakfast’ and wonder how I lost so much weight eating all that fat.

I had a blip whilst on holiday, but got back on track “all by myself because I knew what to do”  – I would advise everyone to try the Nutritional Logistics Program.

Mark Knowles

The best health and fitness program in the world

Thank you,

Marcus Pearson (Founder)

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