Juice the elixir of life

JUICE The Elixir Of Life

When you have “JUICE The Elixir Of Life” then it  will provide you with the inspiration to become the greatest version of yourself.

This website provides a holistic digital support service with the ultimate purpose of encouraging you to receive personal enlightenment.


FREE snippets of useful information to inspire and help you:

The snippets of information are:

  • Honest and objective non sales related links.
  • Short and clear insights that you can remember and focus on.
  • Presented to you as an image and text and
  • Presented to you as a short video clip on social media and the web.
  • Delivered directly to your mobile by SMS or email.
  • Linked to more in depth articles – important if you want more details.
  • Linked to more related information – so you can have balance and perspective.
  • Fun with a light hearted approach – even on deep subjects.
  • Objective facts and practical examples from around the world.
  • An emphasis on knowledge, wisdom, insights and enlightenment.
  • An opportunity to contribute.
  • An opportunity to become the best you can be – in Body, Mind & Spirit.
  • An opportunity to contact the publisher – Marcus Pearson – +44 7931 326 164


Simply enter your details below and you will receive free sms / text messages with supportive snippets of information to support you. These insights are about improving your body, mind and spirit and are related to work, business, leisure, health and fitness; they are about releasing negative energy and creating positivity – all of this is provided from a digital holistic newsletter called JUICE60777 – I provide all of this FREE.

To register simply complete and submit this secure online form.

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I do not sell, give or transfer your contact details to anyone – and they are sent over MY secure php form – so they are safe.

Alternatively, you can sign up SOCIALLY- just by requesting me as a friend on facebook or as connection on LinkedIn.

You will receive JUICE on a regular basis.

You may OPT OUT at any time by simply texting JUICE STOP to 60777

Kind Regards

Marcus Pearson

What can I do to help anyone?

JUICE The Elixir Of Life is my “catch phrase” to support you in body, mind and spirit.

I provide a range of programs and products and services that help people find and use thier own JUICE – The Elixir of Life – I help people “Get to the Top” of the emotional spiral. The name of the organisation that manages all that I provide is “Get to the Top” – www.gettothetop.co.uk

Regardless of who you are – any individual or group conversations or ‘sessions’ we have will be completely confidential. I do not disuss anything with anyone else and it is up to you if you want to keep any meetings personal or thank me via social media etc, but I will never discuss or comment on anything in written form or verbally – I mention this because many people, especially men do want others to know they have any negative energy, and let’s be honest, it has nothing to do with anyone else!

I focus on the positive . . .

I am flexible and suggest in all instances contacting me in person is the best option – Ring  +44 7931 326 164 for a confidential and FREE chat.

Marcus Pearson

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