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Holistic Action

Thrive: Enlightenment = Holistic action not talk – let it begin . . . “Being enlightened is of little significance if you don’t live in an enlightened manner and encourage holistic perspective. It is better to live in an enlightened way than to be enlightened and not take action”. Marcus Pearson This website is the […]

The Big Picture – Juice Thrive

The Big Picture: The big picture for me only arose after I had freed myslef from negative energy and gained resilience. I was then fortunate to receive enlightenment, however, this only gave me clarity and purpose – I still had to consider how I would live my life in terms of actions and relationships – […]

Thrive Inititiatives

Thrive – A personal definition: To thrive is to prosper, to succeed, to grow, to flourish and to develop vigorously – with the truth! When you know the truth you act in a truthful manner, and this involves being supportive of others and ensuring that other people get the best! My ultimate goal is to […]

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