Category: Take Action

This Category is all about taking action.

It is a no waffle list of events and workshops and initiatives that may inspire you.

Please share this information and the links with as many people as you can.

Please consider joining us – “Because You’re Worth It”

Juice Thrive

Juice Thrive promotes the Thrive Organic Intitiative and it is free to sign up. Free delivery of organic seasonal produce 25% cheaper than the supermarkets. The Thrive Organic Initiative is being promoted at this website and through our Juice sms service. Juice Thrive: To sign up for free you can either: Text the words Juice […]

Thrive Organic Project

“Thrive Organic” is a project run by the community enterprise “Get to the Top” and promoted at “Juice Thrive 60777” Thrive Organic Project: Thrive organic project is for everyone’s benefit as it includes wholesale prices and delivery – It is also FREE to sign up. Thrive organic works by getting people to commit to spending […]

Holistic Action


Enlightenment = holistic action not talk – let it begin . . . “Being enlightened is of little significance if you don’t live in an enlightened manner and encourage holistic perspective”. “It is better to live in an enlightened way than to be enlightened and not take action”. “Living in an enlightened way can perhaps […]

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