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My name is Marcus Pearson and I seek to support individuals, families, communities and ‘ideally everyone’ gain insights, knowledge and wisdom with spiritual enlightenment / emotional freedom.

Enlightenment and emotional freedom are deep subjects – so I have made efforts to simplify certain aspects:

Welcome to my category – “Story Time”:

My stories or parables are fictional in that the characters and places may not exist, but the principle of what is happening is the truth. This truth has been explained to me via ‘enlightenment’, but I have also personally experienced what is written by living with this truth. I have also lived with enlightenment amongst ‘many other people’ who have not been enlightened, nor have any concept of what it really involves – and in the most part, neither do they care – I mention this because I live in the real world and whilst many people do not consider enlightenment, it is in fact the most important aspect of our lives and it is for EVERYONE – AND THE YOUNGER THE BETTER.

Story Time Intro – PERSPECTIVE

The Ultimate Purpose Of Life

Hello and welcome to my introductory story on PERSPECTIVE. This introduction is actually a revised summary of my most recent ‘enlightenment’ and slightly modifies the insights I have provided in my published books on enlightenment. I have found it a very difficult subject to write about as words are a poor substitute for simply ‘knowing […]

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