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This is the password restricted section for the Nutritional Logistics Program.

The Nutritional Logistics Program is probably the best health and fitness program in the world.

Unbeatable value for money:

For a one off ‘lifetime fee’ of £50.00 an individual or a household can join the NLP – Nutritional Logistics Program.

After you have paid you will be sent the password to this section.

This section contains all the information you need for a lifetime of insights that will allow you to become “The Greatest Version of Yourself”.

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Thank You,

Marcus Pearson (Founder)

Nutritional Logistics Program

Development Post

Optimum Nutrition and oscillating frequencies: Let’s get up to date with our insights: This is a brief summary of how our insights have evolved, you can use it to assess how current your beliefs are. In 1824 Nicolas Clément defined a calorie as a unit of heat – and some people still believe that calories […]

Intermittent Fasting is great for your body, mind and spirit

pH levels and hormonal balance

Intermittent Fasting: Intermittent Fasting is great for your body, mind and spirit. Intermittent Fasting is great for your body, mind and spirit and it will: help promote and maintain ketosis reduce calorie intake and promote weight loss boost testosterone levels, increase libido and prevent age-related testosterone decline induce a state conducive for HIIT and muscular […]

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