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Inspiration for your body, mind and spirit through the digital energy from JUICE the holistic digital newsletter


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What is knowledge? Knowledge is processing information to understand it and make use of it. Knowledge is the basis of our psyche as it uses our conscious and sub-conscious mind. The holistic digital newsletter called JUICE 60777 provides insight and support for your Mind. We want you to know the meaning of the insights – we […]

Spiritual insights


Spiritual insights – a journey . . . Spiritual insights to support your journey of enlightenment and perspective are provided by the holistic digital newsletter Juice 60777. Are you currently developing your body and mind – if so you may also be seeking spiritual insights – even if you don’t recognise it. Information leads to […]

Insights for your mind

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Insights for your mind: Insights for your mind from the holistic digital newsletter called JUICE 60777 include digital marketing and business support. Digital marketing covers many aspects and should be approached with AN OVERALL PERSPECTIVE. If you want a new website, or a re-design, or would like to get on the 1st page of google […]



Fitness: Fitness for purpose is what life is all about, and fitness for life includes fitness in body, mind and spirit. The holistic digital newsletter called JUICE60777 provides information on Nutrition, health and exercise – it is all about fitness for purpose. Juice also provides information on SF1 from superfoods4u and information on ‘The Nutritional […]


Simple and Tasty Shakes & Meals & Nutritional Insights: Nutrition for vegans, vegetarians, paleo and ketogenic eating styles is covered by the holistic digital newsletter Juice 60777 – join for free. Juice provides simple and clear daily support to inspire you and keep you focused on eating healthy. We have infographics, messages, short video clips […]



Opportunities: Opportunities to thrive do not present themselves every day, so carpe diem – seize this moment to become the greatest version of yourself. Find something to be excited about and SHARE THAT EXCITEMENT EVERY DAY . . . In addition to our insights on Body, Mind and Spirit, which are AMAZING and they will […]

Digital Holistic Newsletter

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Digital Holistic Newsletter – Called “Juice 60777”: Juice 60777 is the name of a Digital Holistic Newsletter. It provides short supportive insights about your body, mind and soul and it is FREE to join. Sign up for Insights Direct To Your Mobile: Sign up for free at our facebook page Sign up for free at […]

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