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Juice the elixir of life

When you have “JUICE The Elixir Of Life” then it  will provide you with the inspiration to become the greatest version of yourself. This website provides a holistic digital support service with the ultimate purpose of encouraging you to receive personal enlightenment. JUICE – THE HOLISTIC DIGITAL NEWSLETTER will provide you with FREE snippets of […]

The truth, the full perspective

the purpose of life

The starting point for gaining the truth, the full perspective, is to free yourself of negative energy. This will allow positive tuning and enlightenement. You should consider gaining the truth, the full perspective because you’re worth it! Consider becoming the greatest version of yourself by living as an enlightened being. The truth, the full perspective […]

Books – Intro


The following text is copied directly from my book: I have been enlightened and predict that in the future science will confirm the bulk of what I am about to say.  Science is on the verge of discovering, accepting and confirming that ‘thing’ people refer to as – LEGS – Love / Energy / God […]

The Enlightened One

Who am I and is this information for you? It took me almost 50 years years to free myself of all the negative energy that had built up and been stored in my conscious and sub-conscious mind. I am now an enlightened person with almost everything I need in life. My purpose is to further […]

The Ultimate Purpose

The Purpose of Life

The Ultimate Purpose: The following flip image also provides an introduction explaining what this book is about. Click here to purchase “The Ultimate Purpose” from our secure SSL website page. Do not be confused by this link  – it is simply a link to my ENCRYPTED SECURE SOCKET LAYER online shop at my superfoods4u website […]

Because You’re Worth It

The Ultimate Purpose

Because You’re Worth It: “Because You’re Worth It” is not a self-help book, or a book about self-esteem, setting goals or making money – it is about enlightenment and perspective. It is priced at only £2.42 and is only available at Amazon on their Kindle Store. You can download it and be reading it within […]

Books on enlightenment

Because You're Worth It

Juice – The Elixir of Life  – Book Series: My books on enlightenment are all written within a series entitled “Juice – The Elixir Of Life”. I plan to develop more support and run events in 2017 – especially for children and families. My books are not written to try and re-write what someone else […]

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