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Because You're Worth It
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Insights to support your knowledge, wisdom, insight and enlightenment.

JUICE is the name of my Holistic Digital Support and it exists to encourage you to gain enlightenment.

I also use it to share “cutting edge scientific, technological, spiritual and practical insights AND enlightenment.”

This will be delivered with inspirational and thought provoking content – via words, infographics and video.

JUICE will try and balance the information it provides, however, the basis of most of the articles is the ENLIGHTENMENT received from the founder Marcus Pearson.

Full details of his enlightenment are contained within his 2 online publcations:

  • “Because You’re Worth It” (this is an introductory 1st book for the main book . . .)
  • “The Ultimate Purpose” (this is the main book – but it is better if you prepare yourself with the 1st book)

Further articles are from individuals and organisations based in the UK and around the World;

They are provided to help improve your Body, Mind and Spirit – at work, at play, in a social environment and when on your own.

Improving your Body, Mind and Spirit are ALL important for everyone and JUICE produces ‘insights and support’ that focus on ALL of them AS A WHOLE –

JUICE provides this holistic focus – YOU WILL LOVE IT.

Insights on love    Insights on the elixir of life


JUICE exists to provide you with:

  • Honest and objective non sales related links.
  • Short and clear insights that you can remember and focus on.
  • Presented to you as an image and text and
  • Presented to you as a short video clip on social media and the web.
  • Delivered directly to your mobile by SMS or email.
  • Links to more in depth articles – important if you want more details.
  • Links to more related information – so you can have balance and perspective.
  • Fun, light hearted approach – even on deep subjects.
  • Objective facts and practical examples from around the world.
  • An emphasis on knowledge, wisdom, insights and enlightenment.
  • An opportunity to contribute.
  • An opportunity to become the best you can be – in Body, Mind & Spirit.
  • An opportunity to contact the publisher – Marcus Pearson – 07931 326 164
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