Higher Energy States

This #1b, is the second of two related posts concerned with spiral energy frequencies.

#1a – Covers the importance of tuning in to various energy frequencies.

#1b – Explains how to focus on the higher energy frequencies.

Do not limit your opportunities to access higher energy frequencies.

The biggest obstacle to developing a higher spiritual frequency are the ‘out of tune’ lower vibrational frequencies of other people. This is a statement to clarify that – “it is almost impossible for someone to understand the awareness and subsequent meaning of a more enlightened person, until they reach the same level of awareness”.

Most people are limited to expressing themselves through their 5 main senses, and subsequently, most people’s level of understanding is ‘limited’ by the same levels of awareness.

Some people have been enlightened, and this gives them awareness beyond these 5 senses. They still need to express themselves to others via the 5 senses and this is where the problem of ‘true understanding and awareness exists’.
Some enlightened people strive to use their enhanced awareness to explain things to less enlightened people. This leads to a situation where people ‘think they understand’, but they do not understand and continue to journey along the wrong path.

Marcus Pearson

Finding someone with a higher vibrational frequency that will support you is essential for you to progress up the spiral of physical, mental and spiritual frequencies.  In order to reach the higher levels of development you must communicate and ideally live amongst people who are tuned in, and who are prepared to share their knowledge, wisdom, insights and enlightenment – and you must be receptive.

Examples of how this works or doesn’t work:

#1: The love of a parent or a family member is a great opportunity for higher frequency development. However, to nurture development of the spirit it needs both parties to work together. It needs understanding, dedication and focus and it needs spiritual enlightenment on the part of the provider, otherwise the development may only be on a physical or mental level. Unless the provider has reached a higher level of awareness, then their own perception of what is ‘The Purpose will be restricted by thier own limitations. For example; It is common for a loving parent or family member, to spend most of the formative years of their children, spent on education and training for a career to further their financial success in life. Whilst this is a worthy cause,  without a more balanced ‘awareness of self’ and ‘awareness of energy’, then their progress up the frequency of spiral energy will be non existent – rendering life without ‘The Purpose’ it was created for.

#2: When individuals or friends join a golf club, sailing club, rugby club or a masonic group or an online focus group, this provides more opportunity for physical and mental interaction. The increased bonding , friendship and ideally ‘love’ for the game, organisation or focus, will cause people to ‘tune in to a similar frequency of energy’. The effect of this will lead to greater beneficial coincidences in other aspects of their life. This however, is development of the physical being and is not development or awareness of the spiral energy frequencies – without which their is no true development.

#3: You may interact on social media or be involved in digital marketing. When you can express your love for a subject without self gain in a simple manner that represents ‘you’, then this ‘energy’ will attract others on a similar frequency. This may lead to joint work and will once again lead to improvements in other aspects of your business and personal life – and will lead to an increase in beneficial coincidences (the law of cause and effect). Once again, this is development of the physical being and is not development or awareness of the spiral energy frequencies – without which there is no true development.
#4: Seek and ye shall find . . .

In order to try and develop with those of you who may have reached a higher frequency / energy level on the energy spiral, I will be trying to make contact through articles such as this.

If you are reading this now, then please consider it to be a coincidence I puprosefully created for you to read – because it is.

Please follow up on this coincidence and take note of the following . . .

“The lips of Wisdom are closed, except to the ears of understanding.”

If you are reading this, then I would ask you to undertake just 2 simple tasks to further our development:

  1. Read my book The Ultimate Purpose – so you know where I am coming from.
  2. Contact me to further our willingness to share our energy.
  3. If you have found this short article of interest, then you may wish to consider joining my ACTION GROUP –Get to the Top –“Become The Greatest Version of Yourself”

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