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Holistic Policies:

I will be seeking to communicate on a personal basis with people who ‘talk the talk’  to see if they are prepared to ‘walk the walk’ and take action with me to try and influence local, regional, national and international policies that will allow mankind to pursue a more holistic and purposeful existence.

If this is you then please contact me – Marcus Pearson +44 7931 326 164


Holistic Management Strategies for More Effective Working / Teaching:

If you are a business owner or in a senior position in any type of organisation or educational establishment then it is to everyones advantage to work in a holistic manner. I would like to discuss with you ‘flexible holistic  strategies / programs that we can introduce to support your managers and staff in such a holistic approach.

Creating a positive environment:

I am seeking to work with others of a similar positive mind set to create an environment where people better understand ‘what is needed’  to create an environment where each individual can improve effectiveness for the organisation AND the people within the organisation.

Creating positivity within individuals and groups:

Most indivuduals have never seriously contemplated what it means to “be the greatest version of themselves” .

Similarly, organisations rarely provide the opportunity to nurture the energy of the people around them.

I would like to set up and run bespoke sessions that create positivity within individuals and workforces.

Everyone doesn’t  have to “be the greatest version of themselves”, however, these sessions require someone to lead the way with positivity, self-belief and clarity of vision with regard to creating a positive holistic environment. If you are such a person, or know such a person, then I am offering my support.


If this sounds of interest the please contact me – Marcus Pearson +44 7931 326 164

Enlightenment = Holistic action not talk – let it begin . . .

“Being enlightened is of little significance if you don’t live in an enlightened manner and encourage holistic perspective.

It is better to live in an enlightened way than to be enlightened and not take action”.

Marcus Pearson

This website is the start of my action to reach out and create a digital frequency from which you can tune in and respond.

I also plan to take physical action by holding meetings / events / workshops on a local, regional and national basis.

I also plan to take action by holding online discussions and group interactions with individuals across the world.

I look forward to meeting you.

Kind Regards,


Developments so far . . . (as from February 2017).


Holistic Events & Workshops:

I provide FREE introductory events on a holistic approach and also run additional workshops on a fee basis for individuals and organisations.

I also provide FREE ongoing support for anyone requesting support for their journey of enlightenment – this is something I will never charge for as it is my main focus in life – read my book for details.

FREE introductory events:

I provide FREE Events to introduce individuals and organisations to the benefits of a holistic approach.

These will be posted up at my facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Please indicate if you plan to attend in advance.

If you would like to discuss exactly what goes on then simply ring me on 07931 326 164.

Holistic Workshops:

As a follow up to my FREE introductory events I provide a series of holistic workshops – these involve a fee.

  1. Perspective – Business / Work / Leisure / Retirement / Surviving / Purpose . . . more
  2. Body – health, nutrition, exercise, mental and physical energy . . . more
  3. Mind – Your psyche (conscious & sub conscious thoughts) and perspective . . . more
  4. Spirit – An introduction to enlightenment and the purpose of life . . . more
  5. Emotional Intelligence – Spiral Energy Frequencies and Tuning In . . . more

These may be booked and paid for individually or as a complete 5 week block.

I am happy to run a workshop in the privacy of your own home or organisations surroundings or arrange one at a venue of your choice.

They can be delivered at a time and place to suit you or your group or you may attend a pre-arranged workshop organised by myself or perhaps someone else.

Prices vary due to the above circumstances and the manner of payment.

Why is there a fee?

I seek to do more of this and if it takes off then I need to be able to replace my income – simple.

I may seek funding for these events, and if succesful then I will minimise the fee.

Details may be posted on facebook and LinkedIn – but it is always easier to simply ring me.

I am more than happy to run workshops for individuals.

Do not feel awkward about asking – I am friendly and want to support you.

If you would like to fund such a venture then PLEASE contact me.

Ring Marcus Pearson on 07931 326 164.

For more details on Holistic Action – click here . . .

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