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The following text is copied directly from my book:

I have been enlightened and predict that in the future science will confirm the bulk of what I am about to say.

 Science is on the verge of discovering, accepting and confirming that ‘thing’ people refer to as –

LEGSLove / Energy / God / Spirit & Soul.

Some refer to it as consciousness, however, I distinguish consciousness as being something that is generated from our mind and thoughts, as opposed to enlightenment being generated from beyond our mind and thoughts, fromLEGS‘.

This distinction is radically different from most scientific, spiritual or religious books!

Let me clarify exactly what I mean by this.

“Whilst you are fully awake, if you can remove all thoughts and simply ‘be’, then you may receive some enlightenment from LEGS on aspects that your conscious knowledge could not comprehend. I have received such enlightenment with regard to why we feel and behave like we do, and why we do things – not how we do things. (It is important for science to prove ‘how’ – as this is part of our “seeing is believing mentality”).

I have received enlightenment on why physical creation exists. This knowing explains how our SOUL, and those other things that our senses and science cannot yet quantify, such as LOVE and GOD / SPIRIT are all present at our core. But this knowing also included ENERGY, which is something science does know about.

I believe that science will use this link to ENERGY, and in the future be able to explain the relationship  between LOVE / ENERGY / GOD / SPIRIT & SOUL” – to me this is simply a matter of time and awareness and perspective.

This enlightenment is like science itself, once you can tune in to the frequency you can access more and more – like getting to the top of higher and higher mountains, the view is bigger and so is the perspective.”

I do not receive enlightenment all the time, indeed, even finding the time to try and receive it is very difficult, nonetheless, I do make an effort. I do know that my ability to ‘consciously‘ consider LEGS has itself improved, and I believe that once you have received enlightenment your intellectual reasoning and understanding improves – I think this is because you can see and understand the misgivings and misunderstanding of others, even though they are often well meant. Enlightenment actually improves your consciousness and makes you more mindful of situations, others and yourself. It is possible you are only enlightened as to what you are ready to receive?!

Marcus Pearson

Updated: July 30, 2017 — 8:49 am
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