Because You’re Worth It

Because You’re Worth It:

“Because You’re Worth It” is not a self-help book, or a book about self-esteem, setting goals or making money – it is about enlightenment and perspective.

It is priced at only £2.42 and is only available at Amazon on their Kindle Store.

You can download it and be reading it within a few minutes.

You can then start on the path to gain enlightenment yourself FOR FREE and start your new life.

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Because You're Worth It

Because You're Worth It

Author’s Notes:

Become the greatest version of yourself by gaining personal enlightenment – because you’re worth it.

This is not a self-help book, or a book about self-esteem, or about setting goals, or a book about how to make money or how to be positive, or how to influence people or how to lose weight or gain muscle or how to be the perfect child, parent, partner or friend – it is much simpler and yet answers all these issues.

It is a book you would recommed to someone you love or care about or you think would benefit from its perspective.

It is a book that seeks to drip some JUICE – The Elixir of Life.

This book is not about religion or spirituality and does not seek to influence what you do.

It is a book that seeks to provide a new perspective on the way you consider life.

It is a short book about the journey of enlightenment and reaches to your soul.

This book is Part 1 in a series entitled ‘Juice – The Elixir of Life’.

If you gain anything from this book, please consider recommending it to a friend.

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Marcus Pearson

Updated: April 18, 2018 — 7:24 pm
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