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Juice – The Elixir of Life  – Book Series:

My books on enlightenment are all written within a series entitled “Juice – The Elixir Of Life”.

I plan to develop more support and run events in 2017 – especially for children and families.

My books are not written to try and re-write what someone else has said.

They are written because I know exactly why certain things are the way they are – this knowing comes from my enlightenment AND my experience of living in an enlightened way.

My books contain perspective on the most basic things that neither scientists nor religious leaders can AS YET clarify.


My perspective explains almost everything. I know this sounds rather ‘conceited’  (and this is not my intention) but some things are so powerfull they cannot be disguised.

My books explain how you may also receive enlightenment. Furthermore, they provide insights on what it is like actually living in an enlightened way and the difficulties this brings whilst living in the ‘auto-pilot’ existence of our modern world, where most other people ARE NOT ENLIGHTENED!!

My life is now geared to living in an enlightened way and this involves helping people and organisations gain perspective on why and how they interact and do things – “it is not easy, but this is me being ‘pure me’, and doing it my way”.

Thank you for reading this – and now the details of my books:

Because You’re Worth It:

The Ultimate Purpose:

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