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JUICE The Elixir Of Life



We are in a digital era and almost every business, organisation and individual is part of the BIGGER DIGITAL ARENA. I have a Masters Degree in E-Commerce and over 15 years experience with all aspects of digital marketing and online sales. I run a digital marketing agency and sell online myself.

I try and combine my business skills and experience with a holistic approach to try and provide a digital marketing service that will ultimately help you manage things better and with less stress and less cost. Life for me is not about making money, however, I can show you how to use digital marketing to maximise financial gain from any business venture or organisation. Work smarter not harder!

£50.00 life time fee to join The Nutritional Logistics Program:

You can pay online via paypal or credit  /debit card at my secure online shop.

This includes nutrition for the brain via insights on digital marketing, health and nutrition, fitnessand exercise, mindfulness and purpose.

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I have published 2 books, an introductory book and a main book on enlightenment, and as a member of The Nutritional Logistics Program you will be provided with DISCOUNT when purchasing these books. In fact I will provide you with my introductory book FREE OF CHARGE.


As a member of The Nutritional Logistics Program you will be provided with DISCOUNT when puchasing any of the products from superfoods4u.


The benefits of my holistic program will be taken on a TOUR WITH LIVE EVENTS.

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JUICE The Elixir Of Life


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