Stress & Weight


Let us first deal with stress; Stress effects your weight, your health & fitness, your attitide to life & how you function. What causes stress? Stress is caused by physical and emotional inbalance. Whatever we take in (physically and emotionally), has to be balanced with what we let out. When we do not ‘process’ things […]

Guaranteed Fat Loss & Improved Health

Most people desire less fat and better health – it can be combined, read on: CRON (stands for Calorie Restricted Optimum Nutrition) is a new ‘lifestyle protocol’. It basically involves eating less calories, which makes you lose weight, whilst eating nutritionally dense food – eating food that has more health benefits, than perhaps what you […]

SF3 Premium Superfood Blend

SUPER BLEND SF3 has to be the greatest anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory blend in the world.: 250g for only £4.99 SPECIAL OFFER: Buy 4 jars and get an extra jar for free (order 5 and only pay for 4) All purchase prices are subject to £3.95 delivery per UK order. Curcumin @ 2000% Bioavailable Curcumin has […]

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