Marcus Pearson

My name is Marcus Pearson, and this website has contributions from me and many other people from around the world.

This website deals with holistic aspects. It will seek to help you understand ‘how everything is a frequency hz’, and how we can better utilise higher frequencies to find our own optimal resonance for our body, mind and spirit. It will try and explain this using more conventional and simple words and everyday activities – particularly related to nutrition, health and exercise.

A significant aspect of life is the ability to improve our health and fitness and my VERY FRIENDLY PROGRAM OR VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY PROGRAM (VFP) is the most balanced, truthful and holistic health and fitness program in the world – so please consider its insights and perspective.

The insights are provided with the same understanding as the philospher Socrates . . .

“I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think”

Anyone in the world may join because the insights are all online – translations will be produced.

This website and the insights however, are more about supporting YOU, than JUST offering the Nutritional Logistics Program.

This website has more to offer than The Nutritional Logistics Program:

Having the desire and the commitment to be the best you can be in body. mind and spirit requires more than just insight on health and fitness (although this is a great starting point).

It requires you to be ‘TUNED IN’ – to be free from negative energy and to be on a positive and truthful journey.

I will try and provide these insights in not only an objective and truthful manner, but I will try and keep things as simple, and if possible as light hearted as possible. I will provide short insights that link into more details if you want them.

I am always available to speak to anyone over the phone or via text or email etc – If I am not available please leave a message and I will get back to you.

This website also promotes my books on enlightenment and on supporting you on a personal journey for the truth.

This website also encourages you to receive my FREE HOLISTIC NEWSLETTER called “JUICE 60777”.

JUICE provides Free snippets of insights of fun and inspiration for your journey in finding and living with the truth.

Please take some time out of your precious life to browse this website and consider the perspective it offers.

Kind Regards,


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